Undergraduate Student Policies

Readmission and Academic Probation

If a student withdraws while on academic probation, any academic contract conditions in place at the time of withdrawal remain in effect upon the student's return. Please note that this is a conditional readmission and students will need to meet the contract requirements to continue their ICS program at UCI.

The UCI readmission application must be accompanied by:

  1. A written statement no longer than 2 pages that details the following:
    • reason(s) for leaving,
    • reason(s) for returning (including new or renewed interest/focus on Bren School major),
    • ways that previous or existing obstacles to academic progress have been addressed and will be addressed in the future.

  2. An official transcript showing completion of at least 1 full-time quarter or semester of coursework with a GPA satisfying the conditions specified in the student's academic contract. Two courses must be transferable and must be CS and/or Math.  One GE course allowed.