Undergraduate Student Policies

Readmission after Disqualification

Readmission may be possible for students who have been academically disqualified. Please check with the ICS Student Affairs Office to see if you are eligible for consideration. If readmission is an available option for you, it is highly recommended that a student meet with an academic counselor BEFORE taking any coursework.  Student should visit the ICS acadmic counselor as soon as he/she has been notified of formal disqualification.

In general, a student will need to demonstrate that he/she can finish remaining coursework within the scope of university policies regarding credit hour unit limits.

A student readmitted after academic disqualification will be held to the conditions of a  contract specifying a course plan, unit maximum per quarter, GPA expectations, and mandatory advising sessions. Failure to meet the contract conditions may lead to automatic disqualification.

The UCI readmission application must be accompanied by:

1. A written statement no longer than 2 pages that details the following:

  • reason(s) for leaving,
  • reason(s) for returning (including new or renewed interest/focus on Bren School major),
  • ways that previous or existing obstacles to academic progress have been addressed and will be addressed in the future.

2. An official transcript showing completion of a minimum of one full-time academic year of courses taken through UCI Division of Continuing Education-Concurrent Enrollment, a community college or another comparable institution. Please note that the full time course load for the quarters / semesters must be taken consecutively; breaks in academic study between a quarter or semester are not allowed.

  • At least six of these courses must meet major requirements (includes math courses).
  • Must earn Cs or higher in each course.
  • Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA for this year of work.

3. If the student wishes to pursue and be readmitted to a different major outside of ICS, he/she should call that specific department to learn about their readmisson policy/process.