Taking courses to meet readmission after DQ

If you are required to take courses for a quarter or semester, or a full year, you may do so at a community college or at UCI.

To take courses at a community college, use Assist.org.  Assist.org will identify courses that are transferable toward GE requirements or your major requirements.

  • Enroll as a student at the community college.
  • Follow their instructions on how to enroll in courses.

To take courses at UCI, enroll via ACCESS UCI.  ACCESS UCI is an option for students who cannot find equivalent/transferable courses at their community college and for students who must take upper division courses.

  • Review ACCESS UCI website.
  • Fill out and submit the Enrollment Form.  Follow instructions on the form regarding how, when, and where to submit.
    • If you are attempting to enroll in courses under the School of ICS, submit the ACCESS forms on the first day of instruction!
  • Go to classes.  You are expected to treat the course as a Waitlisted course.  This means you must attend every lecture, do the readings, submit the assignments, etc.
  • You will be notified of whether or not you have been approved to enroll in the course.
  • If approved, take the enrolment form to the Division of Continuing Education office by Friday of Week 2 to officially enroll.
  • Attend classes and do well!


  • Enrollment into ACCESS UCI courses is not guaranteed. Therefore, have back up choices in case you don’t get into your first-choice courses!
  • If you are trying to enroll in courses under the school of ICS, come to our office on the first day of instruction.  Come early and wait outside until our office opens.  We open at 9.
  • Financial aid does not cover ACCESS UCI courses.  Students pay out of pocket.
  • Frequently refer to our readmission process and policy on our website to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. 
  • If you have questions, email us at ucounsel@uci.edu


1. Complete the required courses and earn the required grades/GPA.

2. Order an official copy of your transcript.

3. Make an appointment to meet with an ICS academic counselor.  Bring the official transcript with you to your meeting.