Undergraduate Student Policies

Withdrawal and Readmission

Students who are planning to withdraw from the University are encouraged to seek advice from an academic counselor to discuss the withdrawal and readmission process.



» Withdrawing from UCI

If the decision to withdraw is made after tuition and fees for an academic quarter are paid, a Withdrawal form is required. The online version of the form can be found on your Student Access>Applications>Withdrawal. An appointment with an ICS academic counselor is required prior to the form being processed.

A physical form can be picked up in any academic advising office (including the ICS Student Affairs Office), as well as from the Registrar's Office. Bren Students must obtain the signature of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs before submitting the form to the Registrar's Office for processing.  Please note that an ICS academic counselor may sign on the Associate Dean for Student Affairs' behalf.

Information on the schedule of refunds can be found on the University Registrar website.

If the decision to withdraw is made before tuitions and fees for the next quarter are paid, a formal notice of withdrawal or withdrawal form is not necessary, although recommended.


» Readmitting to UCI

Readmission to UCI and the Bren School of ICS is NOT automatic.  There are different policies and processes for readmission based on the student's reasons for and time of withdrawal.

If a student is seeking to readmit after voluntary withdrawal from UCI while in good standing, readmission will be granted if the student re-enrolls within one year. After more than one year, it will be considered on a case by case basis. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will make the decision to readmit a student based on additional documentation, including the following:

  • number of completed units while at UCI
  • number of units remaining for completion of general education and degree requirements
  • grades for coursework taken at other institutions or through UCI Division of Continuing Education, Concurrent Enrollment
  • demonstrated readiness for the academic challenge of UCI coursework.

All materials required for readmission petition must be submitted as a complete package. An academic counselor will attach a summary of previous course work and/or contract conditions for the Associate Dean’s consideration.

There are additional readmission requirements if a student withdrew while on academic probation or after academic disqualification:

For Readmission After Voluntary Withdrawal from UCI While on Academic Probation

For Readmission After Academic Disqualification


» Other Readmission Info

Students must meet with an ICS academic counselor well in advance of the quarter in which the student plans on readmitting. Readmission applications are processed by ICS academic counselors. Please email ucounsel@uci.edu to begin the process for readmission.

For information about fees, procedures and deadlines, visit the Registrar’s website on readmission.

Note that only UC-transferable courses will be considered when determining a student's eligibility for readmission to one of the Bren School majors.

A readmitted student who has not been enrolled at UCI for three or more consecutive quarters must adhere to the graduation requirements in effect for the quarter in which the student is readmitted, OR those subsequently established.