ICS Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences not only offers world-class facilities, faculty and research, it is also home to numerous vibrant student groups. From coding competitions to designing computer games to professional networking, the ICS clubs provide many ways for undergraduates to engage with the school and their fellow students.  Below is a list of all ICS-affiliated clubs & organizations that students may join:

Association of Computer Machinery
The UC Irvine Chapter of the Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) is dedicated to advance computing as a science and a profession. They work toward accommodating the needs of students as an investment for brilliant minds in academia and successful men and women in business. ACM's active competition participants train rigorously to compete in nationally renowned competitions, including IEEExtreme, HackerRank and ICPC. The club also evaluates and supports student project proposals.

Hack is an organization that reclaims the word “hack” to bring the word back to its original meaning to solve a problem quickly and effectively. The organization aims to cultivate a community of technical students at UCI. They sponsor “hackathons” that encourages students to build amazing technical designs. With a plethora of open-source tools, online courses and community resources, there is ample opportunity for anyone to bring their ideas to reality.

ICS Student Council
The official student government for the Donald Bren School of ICS, the ICS Student Council (ICSSC) seeks to build a strong community, enhance the quality of student life and ensure great jobs for students. ICSSC hosts career information nights with companies such as Google, Blizzard, Accenture and numerous others; organizes training sessions in which students teach each other about new and upcoming technologies; and performs resume-writing and interview-training sessions. ICSSC also puts on numerous events throughout the year, including Web Jam, a weeklong team competition in which teams of students create fully functional web applications; the Reverse Career Fair; and the popular ICS Day, a festival featuring music, dancing, food, projects and prizes.

Management Information Student Society
Management Information Student Society (MAISS) aims to provide Business Information Management (BIM) majors and those interested in business and technology with career opportunities, an academic community and a strong social network. The club strives to strengthen the BIM student community at UC Irvine; foster long-standing relationships among peers and faculty within UCI's ICS and the Paul Merage School of Business; and to provide members with opportunities for career and academic development.

Video Game Development Club
The Video Game Development Club (VGDC) is dedicated to anyone interested in video games and game development, with the particular objective of supporting students in developing portfolios, enhancing skills and connecting to industry professionals. Its mission is to give students the opportunity to break into the industry by building members' technical expertise and establishing a professional network with other game developers. VGDC always has an active set of projects on which anyone can choose to work to learn new game design techniques, hone artistic skills, or simply learn about new game development platforms. Also, each year the club sponsors Game Developers Week, bringing in a series of speakers from such big names in gaming as Blizzard, Atari, Obsidian, Fireforge and Riot Games.

Women in Information and Computer Sciences
Women in Information and Computer Sciences (WICS) is a social and professional nonprofit organization at UCI established to encourage women to pursue a college degree and a successful career in the computer science field. WICS provides professional and technical workshops, academic tutoring, leadership and team-building projects, as well as numerous opportunities for women to connect with companies and alumni.In April 2013, WICS presented the inaugural (init)together Southern California Conference for Women in Computing. The event drew more than 300 attendees from throughout Southern California and featured a series of panel discussions and workshops. The sold-out event also included a career expo with such companies as Google, Intel and Microsoft, and a mentorship program that connected female computing students and women entering industry with faculty and professionals in the region.

Other Campus Organizations

Looking for more opportunities?

In addition to the ICS-Affiliated Organizations above, UCI is home to over 600 registered student organizations - all run by students just like yourself!  Campus organizations focus on a variety of areas, including: academics, career and professional develoment, sports, community service, religion, politics, peer support, and much more!  Click here for a complete list of UCI's registerd campus organzations.


Student Organization FAQ's

» How do I know which club / organization is right for me?

Each club / organization is unique and provides a different way for students and members to engage within the organization, and with the broader campus and community!  We highly recommend you visit each organization's website (links can be found above) to learn more about the organization and its members, and to find out if there are meetings or events you can attend as a prospective member.  You may also consider reaching out to the organizations' officers or board members to learn more about the club or organization you're interested in.  Their information can usually be found on their webiste.  Click here for a complete list of UCI's registerd campus organzations.

» What does it mean to be an "ICS Affiliated" Organization?

Student organizations can request ICS Affiliation through the ICS Student Affairs Office.  Affiliation allows organizations access to various resources that non-affiliated organiations will not have access to.  This includes: access to ICS rooms and spaces, permission to use the Donald Bren School of ICS name/logo, and opportunities to request funding from the School of ICS.  In addition, the ICS Student Affairs Office can support ICS affiliated organizations in many ways, including facilitating communication between organizations and the ICS community via the ICS E-Bulletin, event promotion, and email list serve sercices.

» How does my organization become ICS Affiliated?

Organizations wishing to become ICS Affiliated must initiate this process by contacting Associate Director of Student Affairs,  Neha Rawal at neha@ics.uci.edu. In your Affiliation Request email, please include the following information: 

1. Club name, website, and mission statement
2. Are there any fees to join the organization?
3. Please describe your club structure for decision making.
4. How are you different from other ICS affiliated clubs?
5. What support do you need from ICS? (Funding, etc. )
6. Do you have a budget outline or a needs assessment that you can
provide us? (skip this)
7. Are you registered with ASUCI?
8. How do you process your reimbursements?
9. What is your club's vision for the next 2-5 years?
10. Please provide a complete list of club officers. 

» I want to start a new campus organization.  How do I become a registered campus organization?

Please visit the UCI Office of Campus Organizations  for imore information on how to register a new campus organization.

» My organization is hosting an event.  How do I reserve a room / space managed by the School of ICS?

ICS Affiliated organiations may request a room reservation by contacting the School of ICS Facilities Director, Jason Cleaver at jcleaver@uci.edu.

» I have information I would like to communicate to the ICS community.  Can the Student Affairs Office publicize this for me?

The ICS Student Affairs Office can assist ICS Affiliated Organiations with pulicizing information in a number of ways, including: ICS E-Bulletin, Facebook, targeted emails to listserves, etc.  Please contact Neha Rawal at neha@ics.uci.edu to request this service.

» Are ICS Affiliated Organizations held to the same rules, regulations, and policies that non-affiliated organizations must follow?

Yes.  In general, all registered campus organizations, including ICS Affiliated Organiations, must comply with the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by UCI Office of Campus Organizations.  Please visit their webpage for information on campus policies regarding fundraising, marketing, publicity, programming, and general operations.