New Non-International Freshmen


1. Activate your UCI NET ID.

2. Complete the "ANTEATER ZOT START" tasks. You must do this BEFORE you can sign up for summer orientation and placement testing exams.  Students have access to ZotStart beginning Thursday, May 4th.

3. Sign up for the mandatory NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION when your registration window opens.  You will receive an email with instructions on Wednesday, May 17th.

3a. If you were granted an exception, please view our ICS Online Orientation

After viewing the orientation, complete this short quiz.  ICS Student Affairs will email you with further instructions after your quiz results have been processed.

4. Register to take UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT EXAMS. Go here to find out which exam(s) you must take. Then, go to the UCI Testing Center website to register for the exam(s).  All exams must be taken and scores received prior to attending summer orientation

5. Contact the STUDENT HOUSING office if you are interested in living on campus.

6. Register with your spam checker / safe list so you successfully receive emails from the FINANCIAL AID office regarding your financial aid, deadlines, and file status.

7. Visit the MESSAGE CENTER at your MyAdmission homepage. The Admissions Office will send you a message about any missing documents/transcripts, or if a hold has been placed on your record.

Detailed information regarding the items above were sent to you in separate emails from each of the respective departments.  Please be sure to read each email and follow their instructions carefully.


1. Register to take the ICS 31/CSE 41 CREDIT-BY-EXAM (Intro to Programming).  Deadline to take the exam is June 23rd.  Go here to sign up and learn more.

2. Learn about YOUR MAJOR and course requirements by using the UCI General Catalogue.

3. Purchase a LAPTOP if you do not already own one. ICS students are required to own a personal laptop for coursework.