Appointments and Walk-In Advising

NOTE: Please visit this page to see how to contact us for Academic Advising.

Academic Advising is available during regular office hours through appointments scheduled in advance, or same day walk-ins/virtual chat when counseling staff is available. A comparsion of the two types of meetings, as well as a timeline of when they are available, is below.

Appointments Walk-Ins/Live Online Chat
Appointments are with an Academic Counselor only Can be with an Academic Counselor or a Peer Academic Counselor
Scheduled at least 24 hours in advance in person or by calling the ICS Student Affairs front desk at (949) 824-5156 Students are seen on the same day via live chat, in person drop-ins or Zoom drop ins
Generally lasts 30 minutes Generally 15 minutes or shorter
Recommended for complicated concerns regarding probation, withdrawal, readmission, etc. Ideal for schedule planning, degree checks, questions about policies, petitions, etc.
May require a waiting period of a week or more as appointment slots can fill far in advance Meetings are available on short notice (wait times will vary)

Appointment and Walk-In Availability Reference

Appointments Walk-ins/Virtual Chat
Week 1 No Yes
Week 2 Yes Yes
Week 3 Yes Yes
Week 4 Yes Yes
Week 5 Yes Yes
Week 6 Yes Yes
Week 7 No Yes
Week 8 No Yes (ICS Students Only)
Week 9 No Yes (ICS Students Only)
Week 10 Yes Yes
Finals Week Yes Yes
Winter/Spring Break Yes Yes
Summer Yes


* Walk-in availability during the summer is limited and vary from week to week. If you are driving long distance, please call in advance for more information about the walk-in schedule for the day or week of your planned visit to ensure that someone will be available to assist you. Additionally, the ICS Student Affairs Office does not offer department tours.

  • Be aware that there is usually a wait to do a walk-in, especially during Weeks 1-2, and Weeks 7-9.
  • Walk-ins can be with a Staff Counselor or Peer Academic Counselor.