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The Game Design and Interactive Media (GDIM) program prepares students to be innovative designers, developers, and industry leaders. Taught by internationally-recognized faculty and industry experts, the program’s unique two-year foundation includes hands-on courses in worldbuilding, game design and development, game programming, and game studies. Students then pursue advanced coursework that culminates in a two-quarter capstone project supported by industry mentors. Electives in advanced game design and development, programming, storytelling, games entrepreneurship, and the cultural aspects of games offer students the chance to build a portfolio that reflects their individual interests and career goals. The program explores both established and emerging platforms, including AR/VR, tabletop, and mobile. Located in Silicon Beach, our students benefit from access to industry partners like Blizzard, Riot, Electronic Arts, Obsidian Entertainment, Age of Learning, Disney, Tencent, and the Cartoon Network.

ICS → GDIM Course Chart

ICS Courses
GDIM Courses Notes
I&C SCI 31 and I&C SCI 32: Intro to Programming; Programming with Software Libraries GDIM 31 & GDIM 32: Programming for Gaming (Intro & Intermediate) 

- AP CS + ICS 32A = GDIM 31-32

- I&C SCI 33 ≠ GDIM 33

I&C SCI 60: Computer Games and Society

GDIM 41: Games and Society - Renamed course

I&C SCI 61: Game Systems and Design

GDIM 25: Game Design Fundamentals - Renamed course
I&C SCI 62: Game Technologies and Interactive Media GDIM 61: Introduction to Game Development - Only for CGS students needing ICS 62
I&C SCI 80: Intro to Data Science STATS 6: Intro to Data Science - Fall 2021

I&C SCI 161: Game Engine Lab

GDIM 33: Coding in Game Engines  -None-

I&C SCI 162: Modeling and Worldbuilding

-None- - Content integrated into GDIM 33: Coding in Game Engines 

I&C SCI 167: Multiplayer Game Systems

GDIM 32: Intermediate Game Programming - Revised and renamed course

I&C SCI 168: Multiplayer Game Project

GDIM 161: Multiplayer Game Project - Renamed course

I&C SCI 169A-169B: Capstone

GDIM 167A and 167B: Capstone - Renamed course

I&C SCI 163: Mobile and Ubiquitous Games

GDIM 129: Special Topics in Advanced Game Design: Mobile and Ubiquitous Games -None-

I&C SCI 166: Game Design

GDIM 27: Intermediate Game Design  - Renamed course


Sample GDIM Plan 2022-2023

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» Do I need programming or game design experience to be admitted as a freshman to GDIM?

No, you just need to meet the UC application criteria for eligibility

»Where can I find the transfer admissions requirements for GDIM?

Transfer Requirements By School

»How do I Change my Major to GDIM?

1. Meet the Change of Major requirements

2. Submit a change of major application through Student Access> Applications> Change of Major 


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