AI & Statistics 2009

Twelfth International Conference on
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

April 16-18, 2009
Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida USA

Co-located with the Snowbird Learning Workshop

This is the twelfth conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers at the intersection of computer science, statistics, and related areas. Since its inception in 1985, the primary goal of this conference has been to broaden research in both of these fields by promoting the exchange of ideas between them. We encourage the submission of all papers which are in keeping with this objective.

AISTATS 2009 Proceedings are now available online.

Snowbird Learning Workshop

The Snowbird Learning Workshop will be immediately preceeding and co-located with AI/Stats. The Learning Workshop will be April 13-16, with a shared oral session on Thursday, April 16.

Program Chairs