CompSci 250A - Computer Systems Architecture

Instructor: Prof. A. Veidenbaum

Office Hours: immediately after each lecture or by appointment

Textbook: Microprocessor Architecture

Jean-Loup Baer

Prerequisites: CompSci152 or equivalent. CompSci143 is recommended


Major Topics:

1. Impact of technology, ISA on architecture

2. Processor performance

3. Brief review of pipelining

4. Basic memory hierarchy

5. ILP and superscalar processors

6. Dynamic Instruction Scheduling and Out-of-order execution

7. Advanced Memory Hierarchy

8. Vector, multi-threaded, and multiprocessor systems


1. 3 homeworks

2. final

class participation - 30%
homework - 5% (1/2/2)
final - 65%

Graded on a curve

Class material will be available on the course Web page: