IWIA 2010 program

Monday, March 22nd


9:00am Light breakfast and opening


9:30 Session 1.  Parallel/multi-core  systems

How long will history burden manycore architectures?

F. Moya


Facing the Exascale Energy Wall

Peter M. Kogge


Adaptive Task Migration Policies for Thermal control in MPSoCs

Jose L. Ayala



11:00 Break


11:15 Discussion


12:00 Lunch


2:00 Session 2.  Networks on a chip


Real-Time On-Chip Networks Using Prioritized Flow Control

Nobuyuki Yamasaki


A Photonic ring and Electronic crossbar Hybrid NoC with Dynamic Wavelength Allocation



3:00 Discussion


4:00  Adjournment



Tuesday, March 23rd


9:00am Light breakfast


9:15 Session 1. Reconfigurable computing

Avoiding Side-channel Attacks in Embedded Systems with Reconfigurable Coprocessors

Jose M. Moya


Hardware Acceleration and Division of Large-scaled Circuits in a Scalable FPGA System

Hironori Nakajo


10:15 Discussion


10:45 Break

11:00 Session 2   Parallel Programming

Runtime Load-balancing Technique for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication

Kenichirou Kusaba


High-Level Specification of Data Distribution for Many-Core Based Parallel Systems

Hans Zima


12:00 Discussion


12:30 Lunch


2:00  Organizational meeting and closing remarks