Qi Alfred Chen

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2018 and before


Technical Reports/Pre-prints


  1. Fooling Detection Alone is Not Enough: First Adversarial Attack against Multiple Object Tracking [PDF]
    Yunhan Jia, Yantao Lu, Junjie Shen, Qi Alfred Chen, Zhenyu Zhong, and Tao Wei
    arXiv:1905.11026 (arXiv page)

  2. Towards Secure and Safe Appified Automated Vehicles [PDF]
    Yunhan Jack Jia, Ding Zhao, Qi Alfred Chen, and Z. Morley Mao
    arXiv:1702.06827 (arXiv page)

  3. TIVOs: Trusted Visual I/O Paths for Android [PDF]
    Earlence Fernandes, Qi Alfred Chen, Justin Paupore, Georg Essl, J. Alex Halderman, Z. Morley Mao, and Atul Prakash
    University of Michigan, Technical Report CSE-TR-586-14 (report page)