ScenarioML Scenario Workbench


ScenarioML is a language for modelling scenarios.  It provides syntax for expressing the semantic distinctions that are present in scenarios, and semantics for the things that people use and respond to consistently in scenarios.  By providing means for distinguishing the kinds of things we say in scenarios, and making explicit the assumed semantics in informal scenarios, it forms an effective, flexible, and extensible basis for recording and working with scenarios.  The scenarios can then be translated into other forms, used as part of other applications, transformed into HTML for presentation in a web browser or into LATEX for presentation on the printed page, and analyzed, refactored, and manipulated using Java tools. 


Scenario Workbench

The Scenario Workbench is the culmination (to date) of a group of languages, tools, and techniques for working effectively with scenarios written in ScenarioML:

The goals of the Scenario Workbench are:

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