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Graduate students
Adriana Meza Soria
Elahe Paikari
Course Title
Information and Computer Science 223
Software Architecture
Winter 2006

André van der Hoek
Office: ICS2 207
Phone: +1 949-824-6326

Location: CS 253
Day and time: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30-13:50

Catalogue Description
223 Software Architecture (4). Study of the concepts, representation techniques, development methods, and tools for architecture-centric software engineering. Topics include domain-specific software architectures, architectural styles, architecture description languages, software connectors, and dynamism in architectures.

The class will be discussion oriented. Papers must have been read beforehand and discussion will be seeded by critical opinions, questions, and challenges that each student will write on the whiteboard each week at the beginning of the discussion. These discussions will primarily take place on Tuesdays.

Each student will perform a practical research project. The research project must result in a tangible technology, the form of which will be discussed in class. Discussion regarding progress and issues that may arise will take place on Thursdays.

All students enrolled in the course will earn a letter grade based upon: (a) class attendance and participation, (b) the critical opinions, questions, and challenges shared with the class to seed the discussions, and (c) the class project.

Course Mailing List
To send mail: 36720-w06@classes.uci.edu
To view the archive: http://eee.uci.edu/toolbox/mla/message_list.php?ccode=36720&quarter=W06

Students with Disabilities
Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss his or her specific needs. Also contact the Disability Services Center at (949) 824-7494 as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

The documents below are included to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a non-commercial basis and are for the sole use of students enrolled in ICS 223. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained by the authors or by other copyright holders, notwithstanding that they have offered their works here electronically. It is understood that all persons copying this information will adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. These works may not be resposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.


Week Date Topic Papers
1 January 10 Welcome
January 12 Introduction to Software Architecture Perry & Wolf: Foundations for the Study of Software Architecture
Kruchten: Mommy, Where Do Software Architectures Come From?
Kruchten: Common Misconceptions about Software Architecture
2 January 17 Architecture Description Languages Kruchten: The 4+1 View Model of Architecture
Medvidovic & Taylor: A Classification and Comparison Framework for Software Architecture Description Languages
Dashofy, van der Hoek & Taylor: An Infrastructure for the Rapid Development of XML-based Architecture Description Languages
January 19 A Historical Perspective DeRemer & Kron: Programming-in-the-Large versus Programming in-the-Small
Wiederhold, Wegner & Ceri: Toward Megaprogramming
Prieto-Diaz & Neighbors: Module Interconnection Languages
3 January 24 Requirements and Architecture Nuseibeh: Weaving the Software Development Process Between Requirements and Architecture
Chung, Nixon & Yu: Using Non-Functional Requiremets to Systematically Select Among Alternatives in Architectural Design
Grünbacher, Medvidovic & Egyed: Reconciling Software Requirements and Architectures with Intermediate Models
January 26 Introduction to Projects
4 January 31 Product Line Architectures Tracz: DSSA (Domain-Specific Software Architecture) Pedagogical Example
Garg, Critchlow, Chen, Van der Westhuizen & van der Hoek: An Environment for Managing Evolving Product Line Architectures
Sinnema, Deelstra, Nijhuis & Bosch: COVAMOF: A Framework for Modeling Variability in Software Product Families
February 2 Project Discussion
5 February 7 Design Rationale Asundi, Kazman & Klein: Using Economic Considerations to Choose Among Architecture Design Alternatives
Tang, Ali Babar, Gorton & Han: A Survey of Architecture Design Rationale
Jansen & Bosch: Software Architecture as a Set of Architectural Design Decisions
February 9 Project Proposal Due
6 February 14 Connectors and Implementation Mehta, Medvidovic & Phadke: Towards a Texonomy of Software Connectors
Di Nitto & Rosenblum: Exploiting ADLs to Specify Architectural Styles Induced by Middleware Infrastructures
Aldrich, Chambers & Notkin: ArchJava: Connecting Software Architecture to Implementation
February 16 Project Discussion
7 February 21 Refinement Moriconi, Qian & Riemenschneider: Correct Architecture Refinement
Garlan, Cheng & Kompanek: Reconciling the Needs of Architectural Description with Object-Modeling Notations
Batory, Sarvela & Rauschmayer: Scaling Step-Wise Refinement
February 23 Project Discussion
8 February 28 Mismatch and Analysis Garlan, Allen & Ockerbloom: Architectural Mismatch: Why Reuse is So Hard
Magee, Kramer, Giannakopoulou: Behaviour Analysis of Software Architectures
Allen, Garlan & Ivers: Formal Modeling and Analysis of the HLA Component Integration Standard
March 2 Project Discussion
9 March 7 Dynamism Magee & Kramer: Dynamic Structure in Software Architectures
Oreizy, Medvidovic & Taylor: Architecture-Based Runtime Software Evolution
Georgas, van der Hoek & Taylor: Architectural Runtime Configuration Management in Support of Dependable Self-Adaptive Software
March 9 Preliminary Project Demonstrations
10 March 14 Other Developments Kazman & Carrière: Playing Detective: Reconstructing Software Architecture from Available Evidence
Garlan, Cheng & Schmerl: Increasing System Dependability through Architecture-based Self-repair
Baniassad & Clarke: Theme: An Approach for Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design
March 16 Project Discussion
Finals week March 24, 10:30 - 12:30 Final Project Demonstrations
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