Welcome to the Online Interactive Teamware Demo! This demo is an overview of the demonstration of the Teamware system that will be given at the 1995 Software Technology & Intelligent Systems Symposium (STISS). (View demo in landscape mode for best effect). This online demo allows the user to browse the menu and control structure of the Teamware system.

This is the initial Teamware Control Panel. From this window, the System Programmer, Process Programmer, and End User have access to the tools and editors necessary for building and executing processes, browsing and developing categories, and maintining project agendas.


NOTE: These pages are not image mapped because not all buttons have interfaces associated with them and there is no feedback to the user from button images. Also, this demo only contains information about the Teamware system as is currently implemented. For more information about the system, please refer to the teamware page. Also, more 'interactivity' to come...