What is Tags?

Tags is a WWW interface generator for providing a non-technical view of a process program, where the control flow of the process is hidden. Tags webs are generated from a Teamware Activity Network. A process programmer builds an Activity Network by explicity identifying the steps, iterations, choices, assignments, and workflow of a given process. Once the process is specified, the WWW interfaces can be generated. With this information an end-user can be guided through complex processes with a minimal amount of techical expertise.

How do I use it?

Using Tags is simple. If you are a process programmer, you simply edit a Teamware Activity Network and then run the 'tags' tool. Once the pages are generated, you can edit the pages using an HTML Editor (like Java applets to it (including communication to Teamware services).
If you are a end-user, simply start at the top level WWW page, and let your mouse do the surfing. At any page, you can check off an activity as being completed, bring up tools as you need them, download and use documents at the click of a link, and refer to information that's relevant to accomplishing your work. All pages have the toolbar below, to allow you to traverse the steps and view your work within the context of the process.

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