Note: The Arcadia project ended in 1997. This web site is for archival purposes; we can no longer guarantee liveness of links.

Arcadia People at UCI

The following people are actively involved in the Arcadia Project at the University of California, Irvine's Department of Information and Computer Science.

Principal Investigators

Debra J. Richardson (
Testing, Analysis
Richard W. Selby (
Measurement and Evaluation
Richard N. Taylor (
User Interfaces and Hypermedia, Analysis, Architecture

Graduate Students

Ken Anderson (
Jeffrey James Blevins (
Juei Chang (
Eli Charne (
Deborah L. Dubrow (
Nancy Eickelmann (
Roy T. Fielding (
Peter Kammer (
Hank Kleppinger (
Nenad "Neno" Medvidovic (
T. Owen O'Malley (
Art Reyes (
Jason Elliot Robbins (
Michele Rousseau (
John Self (
Jonathan E. Shaw (
Doris Karlson Tonne (
Jim Whitehead (
Gary C. Wong (
Harry E. Yessayan (


Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Research Programmer/Analyst
Debra A. Brodbeck (
IRUS Technical Relations Director
Kim Luu (
Grant Administrator
Kari A. Nies (
Research Programmer/Analyst
Craig Snider (
Research Programmer/Analyst
Catherine M. Patterson (
Programmer for Testing Group

Part-time Staff and Undergraduates

Bach Bui (
Programmer for Testing Group
Prakash Malani (
Programmer for Metrics Group

Visiting Researchers

Nobuo Matsui (
Visiting from Airconditioners & Appliances Eng. Lab. Toshiba, Japan.

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