Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Integrating Testing Techniques with Process Programming," by Debra J. Richardson, Stephanie Leif Aha, and Leon J. Osterweil in Proceedings of the ACM SIGSoft 89: Third Symposium on Software Testing, Analysis and Verification, pages 219-228, Keywest, December 1989.


Integration of multiple testing techniques is required to demonstrate high quality of software. Technique integration has four basic goals: reduced development costs, incremental testing capabilities, extensive error detection, and cost-effective application. We are experimenting with the use of process programming as a mechanism for integrating testing techniques. Having set out to develop a process that provides adequate coverage and comprehensive fault detection, we proposed synergistic use of DataFlow testing and Relay to achieve all four goals. We developed a testing process program much as we would develop a software product from requirements through design to implementation and evaluation. We found process programming to be effective for explicitly integrating the techniques and achieving the desired synergism. Used in this way, process programming also mitigates many of the other problems that plague testing in the software development process.
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