Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Developing and Integrating ProDAG in the Arcadia Environment", by Debra J. Richardson, T. Owen O'Malley, Cindy Tittle Moore and Stephanie Lief Aha in Proceedings of ACM SIGSOFT Fifth Symposium on Software Development Environments, pages 109-119, Tyson's Corner, VA, December 1992.


ProDAG is an analysis toolset that provides an application programmatic interface for program dependence analysis. Program dependences are syntactic relationships between program statements. The ProDAG interface provides a uniform set of operations for creating and accessing several pre-defined dependence relations, which are represented as graphs, as well as a standard mechanism for developing new dependence graphs. ProDAG is one analysis toolset in Arcadia. ProDAG was developed in the Arcadia environment and has been integrated with the language processing, object management, and process definition components of the Arcadia architecture, and further integration with the user interface development system and the measurement and evaluation components are underway. This paper describes the design, implementation and integration of ProDAG within Arcadia.
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