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"The RELAY Model of Error Detection and its Application," by Debra J. Richardson and Margaret. C. Thompson in Proceeding of the Second Workshop on Testing, Verification and Analysis, Banff Canada, July 1986.


RELAY, a model for error detection, defines revealing conditions that guarantee that a fault originates an error during execution and that the error transfers through computations and data flow until it is revealed. This model of error detection provides a fault-based criterion for test data selection. The model is applied by choosing a fault classification, instantiating the conditions for the classes of faults, and applying them to the program being tested. Such an application guarantees the detection of errors caused by any fault of the chosen classes. As a formal model of error detection, RELAY provides the basis for an automated testing tool. This paper presents the concepts behind RELAY, describes why it is better than other fault-based testing criteria, and discusses how RELAY could be used as the foundation for a testing system.
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