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``TAOS: Testing with Analysis and Oracle Support,'' by D. J. Richardson in Proceeding of the International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (I SSTA) , Boston, June 1994.


Few would question that software testing is a necessary activity for assuring software quality, yet the typical testing process is a human intensive activity and as such, it is unproductive, error-prone, and often inadequately done. Moreover, testing is seldom given a prominent place in software development or maintenance processes, nor is it an integral part of them. Major productivity and quality enhancements can be achieved by automating the testing process through tool development and use and effectively incorporating it with development and maintenance processes. The TAOS toolkit, Testing with Analysis and Oracle Support, provides support for the testing process. It includes tools that automate many tasks in the testing process, including management and persistence of test artifacts and the relationships between those artifacts, test development, test execution, and test measurement. A unique aspect of TAOS is its support for test oracles and their use to verify behavioral correctness of test executions. TAOS also supports structural/dependence coverage by measuring the adequacy of test criteria coverage and regression testing by identifying tests associated or dependent upon modified software artifacts. This is accomplished by integrating the ProDAG toolset, Program Dependence Analysis Graph, with TAOS. The combination of ProDAG and TAOS supports the use of program dependence analysis in testing, debugging, and maintenance. This paper describes the TAOS toolkit and its capabilities as well as testing, debugging and maintenance processes based on program dependence analysis. We also describe our experience with the toolkit and discuss our future plans.
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