Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Using Object-Oriented Typing to Support Architectural Design in the C2 Style ", by Nenad Medvidovic, Peyman Oreizy, Jason E. Robbins, and Richard N. Taylor. To appear in Proceedings of SIGSOFT'96: The Fourth Symposium on the Foundatio ns of Software Engineering (FSE4), San Francisco, CA, October 16-18, 1996.


Abstract -- Software architectures enable large-scale soft ware development. Component reuse and substitutability, two key aspects of large-scale development, must be planned for during software design. Object-oriented (OO) type theory sup ports reuse by structuring inter-component relationships and verifying those relationships through type checking in an architecture definition language (ADL). In this paper, we iden tify the issues and discuss the ramifications of applying OO type theory to the C2 architectural style. This work stems from a series of experiments that were conducted to investigate com ponent reuse and substitutability in C2. We also discuss the limits of applicability of OO typing to C2 and how we addressed them in the C2 ADL.

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