Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Software Architecture: Foundation of a Software Component Marketplace", by E. James Whitehead Jr, and Jason E. Robbins, Nenad Medvidovic, and Richard N. Taylor, to appear in Proceedings of the ICSE17 Workshop on Architectures for Software Systems, Seattle WA, April 24-25, 1995.


This paper provides a characterization of software architectures which become the foundation for the establishment of marketplaces for software components. A description is made of a framework of key properties that a software architecture should exhibit to be the basis of a component marketplace. As examples of existing software component marketplaces, Unix filter and Visual Basic VBX marketplaces are examined with respect to this framework. The Chiron-2 architectural style is analyzed with respect to these properties to determine its potential as a future software component marketplace in the user interface domain.

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