Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Software Visualization and Yosemite National Park", by Dani Steinberg and Hadar Ziv in Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 1992.


As software systems grow in size and complexity, so does the difficulty of understanding and maintaining them. Research in software understanding attempts to mitigate this problem by making various aspects of software development more visible, accessible, and comprehensible. In this paper we propose a hypertext-based approach to software visualization in which navigation in software-space is modeled after physical navigation in Yosemite National Park. Physical navigation capabilities are mapped into the domain of software development, where a user of a software-project visualization system navigates among interrelated units of information. We use the metaphor to define a set of requirements for the visualization system. We define linguistic constructs for a navigation language to be used in software-world. We discuss practical implications of implementing the visualization system.
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