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Process modeling and execution:

"Engineering Software Design Processes to Guide Process Execution", by Xiping Song and Leon J. Osterweil in Technical Report 94-023, Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1994.


Using systematic development processes is an important characteristic of any mature engineering discipline. In current software practice, Software Design Methodologies (SDMs) are intended to be used to help design software more systematically. This paper explicitly shows, however, that one well-known example of such an SDM, Booch Object Oriented Design (BOOD), as described in the literature is far too vague to provide specific guidance to designers, and is too imprecise and incomplete to be considered as a fully systematic process for specific projects.

To provide more effective and appropriate guidance and control in software design processes, we applied the process programming concept to the design process. Given two different sets of plausible process requirements, we elaborated two more detailed and precise design processes that are responsive to these requirements. We have also implemented, experimented with, and evaluated a prototype (called Debus-Booch) that supports the execution of these detailed processes.

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