Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Automating Process Discovery through Event-Data Analysis", by Jonathan E. Cook and Alexander L. Wolf in Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE17), pages 73-82, Seattle, WA, April 1995.


Many software process methods and tools presuppose the existence of a formal model of a process. Unfortunately, developing a formal model for an on-going, complex process can be difficult, costly, and error prone. This presents a practical barrier to the adoption of process technologies. The barrier would be lowered by automating the creation of formal models. We are currently exploring techniques that can use basic event data captured from an on-going process to generate a formal model of process behavior. We term this kind of data analysis "process discovery". This paper describes and illustrates three methods with which we have been experimenting: algorithmic grammar inference, Markov models, and neural networks.
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