Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Process-Centered Environments (Only) Support Environment-Centered Processes", by Alexander L. Wolf and David S. Rosenblum in Proceedings of the Eighth International Software Process Workshop (ISPW8), pages 148-149, Wadern, Germany, March 1993.


The software process research community has concentrated a large measure of its effort on the problem of how to "computerize" the software process. In particular, the notion of a process-centered environment has emerged, dominating software environment research for the past several years. Among the many benefits touted for process-centered environments are the ability to automate various aspects of a process and the ability to monitor the progress of a process in order to guide, enforce, or measure that process. This approach has shown great promise and indeed has even shown some early successes. Unfortunately, this emphasis on computerization in general, and on process-centered environments in particular, tends to focus attention on exactly those aspects of process that can be computerized, while giving short shrift to those aspects not amenable to computerization.

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