Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Human-Executed Operations in the Teamware Process Programming System", by Patrick S. Young and Richard N. Taylor in Proceedings of the Ninth International Software Process Workshop, Arlie, VA, October 1994. IEEE Computer Society Press.


The Teamware process programming system is designed to support the coordination and control of software engineering teams. In a traditional computer language the program is executed by the computer. In contrast, in Teamware the process program is primarily exeucted by humans. The Teamware interpreter supports execution by keeping team members informed of their work assignments, by providing access to information on the context of individual work assignments, and by coordinating transfer of artifacts and tools. Providing a language for specifying processes executed by humans rather than computers has profound implications on language design. This paper identifies key requirements on languages and systems designed to specify and support human-executed processes. It then discusses how Teamware addresses these requirements. The paper concludes with a brief discussion of validation exerciese performed on Teamware and with a short comparison to related research.

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