Arcadia Papers: ABSTRACT

"Chiron-1 User Manual, v1.4", by Kari A. Nies, Craig MacFarlane, Mary Cameron, and Gregory Bolcer in Arcadia Document UCI-93-07.


The focus of the Chiron user interface system is on user interface and application architectures. It takes a software engineering approach to user interface development by creating interface layers which are resilient to change. In particular, two main goals have been the separation of an application from its user interface code, as well as a separation between the user interface code and the underlying toolkit substrates. Chiron supports the construction of graphical user interfaces that provide multiple coordinated views of application objects and allows flexible restructuring of the configuration of those views. This manual is intended as an aid to Chiron user interface builders. Although a brief description of the Chiron architecture is provided, this manual does not thoroughly discuss the design, rational, and philosophy behind Chiron.
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