1. Name:
    Amadeus Measurement-Driven Analysis and Feedback System

  2. Source:
    University of California, Irvine. Arcadia Project.

  3. Brief description:
    The Amadeus measurement-driven analysis and feedback system provides infrastructure and services that automate the collection, analysis and visualization of software metrics. The metrics capture information on projects, processes, products, teams, and organizations based on a combination of a baseline metric set and optional user-supplied metrics. A language-independent command and programmatic interface allows project users and tool builders to flexibly use such metrics on software projects. Amadeus provides a low-entry barrier to measurement with dynamic, non-obtrusive, tailorable monitoring capabilities of processes, tools, and interactive user sessions.

  4. Evaluation against applicable general dimensions:

    1. Availability: commercial/licensed/public domain
      Some experimental versions of new software measurement components will be available via anonymous ftp from UC Irvine. A commercial version of the Amadeus software measurement infrastructure is available from Amadeus Software Research, Inc. (

    2. Cost:
      There is no cost other than media charge for components from UC Irvine.

    3. Degree of support/maturity/testing/usage:
      The experimental components from UC Irvine will be unsupported. The commercial version has full support, maintenance, and upgrades.

    4. Speed:
      Uses TCP/IP for inter-machine communication. Users can specify whether measurement collection and analysis agents execute asynchronously or synchronously.

    5. Computing platforms:
      Sun Sparcstations for UC Irvine components. The commercial version is available for all major Unix and VMS workstations.

    6. Language compatibilities:
      API for C and csh

    7. Footprint:

    8. Openness/integrability/source availability:
      Source code for some experimental versions of new software measurement components will be available. The commercial system version has an open architecture with a full application programmer interface (API). C and Csh language bindings to the API are available. Binary and object code licenses are available.

    9. Extensibility:
      The measurement capabilities are user-extensible and can incorporate foreign tools.

    10. Pedigree: ARPA developed?
      UC Irvine components are being developed under ARPA grant number MDA972-91-J-1010. Commercial version is being funded from private (non-ARPA) sources.

  5. Contact person(s)
    Professor Richard Selby
    Department of Information and Computer Science
    University of California
    Irvine, CA 92717
    (714) 824-6326
    (714) 824-4056 - fax

  6. Pointers to literature, demos, etc.:
    Richard W. Selby, Adam A. Porter, Doug C. Schmidt and Jim Berney, ``Metric-Driven Analysis and Feedback Systems for Enabling Empirically Guided Software Development'', Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Software Engineering, Austin, TX, May 13-16, 1991, pp. 288-298.

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