PIC-Ada Toolset

  1. Name:
    PIC-Ada Toolset

  2. Source:
    University of Massachusetts Arcadia Project

  3. Brief description:
    PIC, Precise Interface Control, extends the visibility constructs of most block-structured languages to support fine-grained access control for modules and types. The PIC-Ada Toolset implements the PIC access control model for Ada.

    The toolset contains:

    PICAda_to_IRIS- Translates a PIC-Ada submodule to an IRIS representation of that submodule.

    Generate_Stub- Given a collection of submodules, generates a specification stub that is used by those submodules.

    Do_Analysis- Performs one of the PIC analyses on a submodule or pair of submodules.

    View_Analysis- View the results of a PIC analysis.

    PIC_Analysis- Drives the entire suite of PIC analyses.

  4. Evaluation against applicable general dimensions:

    1. Availability: commercial/licensed/public domain
      Not currently available to the public.

    2. Cost:

    3. Degree of support/maturity/testing/usage:

    4. Speed:

    5. Computing platforms:
      SunAda 1.1 for Sun/SPARC

    6. Language compatibilities:
      Tools are written in Ada using the object management toolset. PICAda_to_IRISuses Alex and AEYACC, slightly modified versions of the UNIX tools LeX and YACC developed by the University of California, Irvine, Arcadia project.

    7. Footprint:
      49,111 SLOC

    8. Openness/integrability/source availability:
      License includes source. Integration restricted to non-commercial usage.

    9. Extensibility:

    10. Pedigree: ARPA developed?

  5. Contact person(s)


    Dr. Lori A. Clarke (clarke@cs.umass.edu)
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Massachusetts
    Amherst, MA 01003
    (413) 545-1328
    (413) 545-1249 - fax

  6. Pointers to literature, demos, etc.:

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