1. Name:

  2. Source:
    University of Colorado Arcadia Project.

  3. Brief description:
    Qgen is much like the Sun rpcgen program but it takes Ada specifications as input and produces Q client and server stubs as output.

  4. Evaluation against applicable general dimensions:

    1. Availability: commercial/licensed/public domain
      Public domain.

    2. Cost:
      None; it can be made available via anonymous FTP.

    3. Degree of support/maturity/testing/usage:
      Bugs will be fixed. It is generally stable, but enhancement requests will be considered. It is reasonably robust and has been in use in Arcadia for approximately six months. It is currently used to support Rebus and Debus.

    4. Speed:
      Unmeasured, but generally, it is comparable in speed to rpcgen.

    5. Computing platforms:
      It is known to work on Sun 3s and Sparcs. No others have been attempted. Qgen has the following known dependencies:
      1. Yacc and Lex.

    6. Language compatibilities:
      It is written in C.

    7. Footprint:

    8. Openness/integrability/source availability:
      Source is freely available.

    9. Extensibility:
      Easily extended.

    10. Pedigree: ARPA developed?
      Developed by the ARPA sponsored Arcadia project.

  5. Contact person(s)
    Mark Maybee
    Computer Science Dept.
    University of Colorado
    Boulder, CO 80309-0430
    (303) 492-2844 - fax

  6. Pointers to literature, demos, etc.:
    Documentation is currently by examples.

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