1. Name:
    TARGeT (Triton-APPL/A Relation Generation Tool)

  2. Source:
    University of Colorado Arcadia Project.

  3. Brief description:
    Given APPL/A relation interface specifications, TARGeT produces as output Ada programs and E programs (for Triton) that allow an APPL/A relation to be implemented as a Triton relation object stored in the Triton Object Manager.

  4. Evaluation against applicable general dimensions:

    1. Availability: commercial/licensed/public domain
      Public domain.

    2. Cost:
      None; it can be made available via anonymous FTP.

    3. Degree of support/maturity/testing/usage:
      Bugs will be fixed. It is generally stable, but enhancement requests will be considered. It is reasonably robust and has been in use in Arcadia for approximately 1 year. It is currently used to support Rebus and Debus.

    4. Speed:
      Unmeasured, but generally, it may be considered to be ``fast.''

    5. Computing platforms:
      It is known to work on Sun 3s and Sparcs. No others have been attempted. TARGet has the following known dependencies:
      1. Yacc and Lex

    6. Language compatibilities:
      It is written in C.

    7. Footprint:

    8. Openness/integrability/source availability:
      Source is freely available.

    9. Extensibility:
      Easily extended.

    10. Pedigree: ARPA developed?
      Developed by the ARPA sponsored Arcadia project.

  5. Contact person(s)
    Mark Maybee
    Computer Science Dept.
    University of Colorado
    Boulder, CO 80309-0430
    (303) 492-2844 - fax

  6. Pointers to literature, demos, etc.:
    Documentation is currently by examples.

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