CompSci 230: Winter 2011
Distributed Systems

Course Materials


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The lecture notes and reading materials will be available as Power Point, and PDF files.

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Course Reading Material

Lecture Notes:

  1. Lecture Set 1: Introduction to Distributed Systems [ppt]
  2. Lecture Set 2: Virtual Time and Global States in Distributed Systems [ppt]
  3. Lecture Set 3: Distributed OS [ppt]
  4. Lecture Set 4: Messaging and Group Communication [ppt]
  5. Lecture Set 5: Fault tolerance in distributed systems [ppt]
  6. Review Slides: [ppt]
  7. Lecture Set 6: New Developments: Peer-to-peer systems [ppt]
  8. Lecture Set 7: Mobile Computing [ppt]
  9. Lecture Set 8: Distributed Database Systems [ppt]

Reference Books:

  • Distributed Systems: Concepts & Design, 4th ed. by Coulouris et al. ISBN: 0-321-26354-5.
  • Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms, 2nd ed. by Tanenbaum & van Steen. ISBN: 0-132-39227-5.
  • Distributed Computing: Principles, Algorithms, and Systems, 1st ed. by Kshemkalyani & Singhal. ISBN: 0-521-87634-6
  • Distributed Systems - Sape Mullender, Addison-Wesley Inc.
  • Operating Systems Concepts - Silberschatz and Galvin, Fifth Edition -Addison-Wesley Inc.