CompSci 230: Winter 2011
Distributed Systems

Course Outline

Weeks 1,2,3: Distributed Systems Fundamentals
  • Introduction- Needs/ Paradigms: Basic Concepts and Terminology, Concurrency
  • Time and State in Distributed Systems
  • Messaging/Communication in Distributed Systems: Naming, Directory Services
Week 4,5,6: Distributed OS and Middleware Issues
  • Communication: Remote Procedure Calls, Remote Method Invocation
  • Distributed Process and Resource Management: Task Migration, Load Balancing, SOA
  • Distributed Process Synchronization: Distributed Mutual Exclusion, Distributed Deadlocks
  • Distributed I/O and Storage Subsystems: Distributed FileSystems
Weeks 7,8,9: Non-functional "ilities" in distributed systems
  • Reliability and Fault Tolerance
  • Quality of Service and Real-time Needs
  • Scalability
  • Security and Privacy
Weeks 9 and 10: Middleware for Distributed Application Environments
  • QoS-enabled Middleware
  • Middleware for Fault-tolerant applications
  • Middleware for Secure applications
  • Middleware for Real-time and embedded applications
  • Middleware for Ubiquitous and Mobile Environments