CompSci 230: Winter 2011
Distributed Systems

List of Class Projects

  Project Members
1 Performance of Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms Daniel Blackburn
2 Cloud Based Framework for Rich Mobile Application Andrew Williams, Roberto Fonseca, Krishna Bhargava Sharma
3 Latency Aware Routing and Clustering Design in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Di Wu
4 Distributed Indoor Cycling Peter Sadowski, David Fooshee
5 Distributed Caching Over a Local Network Kinsen Choy
6 A Distributed Bucket Elimination Algorithm Andrew Gelfand, William Lam
7 Centralized or decentralized? Abhinav Parvathareddy, Myung Guk Lee, Yun Ho Hu
8 Presence and Mobile Instant Messaging Ajith Kannath, Sandeep Paul Katumalla
9 Mobility in Energy Harvesting Network Xiujuan Yi, Khanh Luan Phuc Nguyen, Nga Dang
10 Seat Booking System Tzu-Han Wu, Yi-Chi Chiang, Han-Yang Ou
11 Implementation of Near Optimal Algorithm for ICAM Mahit Murthy, Vimal Aiyappath Narain
12 Cloud Computing Platform Applications Ya-Lun Hsu
13 Distributed Configuration Manager for P2P Dissemination System Alexander Honda, Eyal Blum
14 Centralized and Decentralized transmission for Android phones Badhri Jagan Sridharan, Nirmal Doss Maria Doss, Shree Bhavani Rajakumar
15 Improving 3G Multicast throughput via integration of cellular and ad-hoc
Gaurav Agashe, Shamitha Lokande, Shriniket Kale
16 Online Social Network Data Analytics using the Hadoop/MapReduce Framework Karan Kaushik, Abhisht Arkalgud Sathyanarayana
17 Simulator for understanding message propagation on social network Huang-Yao (Even) Cheng, Shu-Chi Hsu


Here is a list of high level topics for class projects.  (For additional focused projects -- Please contact appropriate person listed here.)

  • Implementation of Caching and Replication techniques in distributed systems.
  • Integrating fault-tolerance protocols into distributed computing infrastructures.
  • Storage and I/O management in distributed file systems
  • Event services in distributed environments
  • Formal Specification of Distributed Systems
  • System support for sensor networks
  • Middleware for Real-time Embedded Systems
  • Middleware for MM Systems - admission control, resource reservation etc.
  • Policies for Resource Discovery in wide-area environments
  • Implementation of Flexible Naming Techniques in DSM
  • Integration of video and network protocols - e.g. MPEG/ATM, MPEG/IP.
  • QoS based middleware, e.g. integration of QoS-sensitive server policies and network protocols.
  • Group communication facilities in distributed systems.
  • Incorporation of security policies in distributed systems.
  • Middleware support for virtual environments and 3D graphics/animation.
  • Applications, development of web services, e.g. billing service