CompSci 230: Winter 2011
Distributed Systems

Reading List

Virtual Time and Global State in Distributed Systems

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Distributed Operating Systems

  • Remote Procedure Calls and Distributed Shared Memory
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  • Mutual Exclusion
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  • Leader Election
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  • Distributed Deadlocks
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  • Distributed File Systems
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  • Process Migration
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  • Processing and Load Balancing
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    5. Distributed Operating Systems
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    6. Case Studies
      1. Distributed Computing Frameworks: DCE, ""
      2. Object-based Middleware: CORBA specification,
      3. Java
        1. Jini: "Architectural Overview", Sun Microsystems
        2. Java RMI: "Java RMI Tutorial"
        3. EJB: "Enterprise JavaBeans Technology", Sun Developer Network
        4. J2EE: "Overview", Sun Developer Network
      4. Service Oriented Architectures
        1. Web services: "Part of the lectures" by M. Fisher
        2. .NET: "The .NET Framework"
        3. SOAP: "Specification"

      Messaging and Group Communication in Distributed Systems

      1. D. Dolev and D. Malkhi, "The Transis Approach to High Availability Cluster Communication". Other Interesting Reading: Documentation and papers about Transis are also avaiable at "
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      Fault Tolerance and Reliability

    7. Consensus
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    8. Failure Detectors
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    9. Replication
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    10. Logging
      1. A. P. Sistla and J. L. Welch, "Efficient distributed recovery using message logging", ACM SIOPS, 1989

      Mobile Computing

      1. I. Giurgiu, O. Riva, D. Juric, I. Krivulev, and G. Alonso, Calling the Cloud: Enabling mobile phones as interfaces to cloud applications, Journal of ACM, 1985
      2. B. Chun, S. Ihm, P. Maniatis, M. Naik, A. Patti, CloneCloud: Elastic Execution between Mobile Device and Cloud, To appear in Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys 2011), April 2011.
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