CompSci 237
Distributed Systems Middleware

Project Introduction

Please contact one of the following graduate students if you are interested in working with them on a project related to their presented research as your Middleware course project:

  • Kyle Benson (kebenson at SCALE: The safe community awareness and alerting network (short slides)
  • Qiuxi Zhu (qiuxi at Mobile plus in-situ Sensing in IoT and Sensor Calibration (short slides)
  • Roberto Yus (roberto.yus at TIPPERS (Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving pERvasive Spaces) (short slides)
  • Nailah Saleh Alhassoun (nailah at Perpetual operations in IoT Deployments for Smart Communities (short slides)
  • Yusuf Sarwar (msarwaru at Publish-subscribe Systems and Big Active Data (BAD) (short slides)
Class 2018 Projects

Group Number

Group Members


1 Avinash Nath Aita
Kanika Baijal
Decentralized implementation of Cab Service Peer-to-Peer Networking and Blockchain technology(Report) (Short Slides)
2 Tushar Kulkarni
Utkarsha Ganla
Adithya Srinivasan
Crowd Sourced Grocery Shopping(Report) (Short Slides)
3 Nishanth Devarajan
Victor Hsiao
Janus Varmarken
Edge Computing in TIPPERS(Report) (Short Slides)
5 Meng Yuan
Minghe Zhang
Dixin Zhou
Implementing Load Balancing in the BAD system(Report) (Short Slides)
6 Yuya Shiraki
Ali Nickparsa
Yoshimichi Nakatsuka
Implementation of Failover Handling of Broker Betwork in Big Active Data(Report) (Short Slides)
7 Hongjian Lu
Xingdong Wang
Bo Ning
Parking guidance and mutual assistance based o the data network platform(Report) (Short Slides)
8 Ruihong Wang
Yuting Tan
The Real-time Tourism Planning System based on the distributed system data analysis(Report) (Short Slides)
9 Yuxuan Hao
Xuan Shi
Yuanzhe Li
SCALEr - Detection and Visualization of UV Based on Scale(Report) (Short Slides)
10 Zhongwei Wang
Qiancheng Wu
Ruoyu Lin
A Taxi Data Analysis Platform based on Spark(Report) (Short Slides)
11 Enze Zheng
Yue Qiu
Hao You
Digital Book System(Report) (Short Slides)
12 Arpita Venkatesh Huddar
Shivani Rajesh Inamdar
Soundarya Soundararajan
Pub-sub based Smart Traffic Control Project Proposal(Report) (Short Slides)
13 Fangqi Liu
Te-Chih Chen
Jia-Wei Chiang
Simulating network clustering and routing mechanism for IoT island(Report) (Short Slides)
14 Lingxi Meng
Di Wu
Yu Feng
TIPPERS-based Smart Locator(Report) (Short Slides)
15 Avinash Kumar
Qiushi Bai
Jonathan Harijanto
Event Framework for Tippers(Report) (Short Slides)
16 Michael Salviani
Lin Lin
Zerui Li
Reliable Notification Delivery Through Message Brokers(Report) (Short Slides)
17 Kai Ye
Shijing Liu
Jiehui Zhang
TIPPERS System(Report) (Short Slides)

Here is a list of high level topics for class projects. 

  • Implementation of Caching and Replication techniques in middleware environments.
  • Integrating fault-tolerance protocols into distributed middleware infrastructures.
  • Storage and I/O management in distributed middleware
  • Customizability and Reflection in middleware systems
  • Event services in distributed environments
  • Formal Specification of Distributed Systems Middleware
  • Middleware for Mobile Environments - e.g. wireless, satellite
  • Middleware Services for Grid Computing and High Performance Computing systems
  • System support for sensor networks
  • Middleware for Real-time Embedded Systems
  • Middleware for MM Systems - admission control, resource reservation etc.
  • Policies for Resource Discovery in wide-area environments
  • Implementation of Flexible Naming Techniques in DSM
  • Integration of video and network protocols - e.g. MPEG/ATM, MPEG/IP.
  • QoS based middleware, e.g. integration of QoS-sensitive server policies and network protocols.
  • Group communication facilities in distributed systems middleware.
  • Incorporation of security policies in middleware environments.
  • Middleware support for virtual environments and 3D graphics/animation.
  • Applications , development of web services, e.g. billing service