Dan Hirschberg
Professor of Computer Science
UC Irvine Senate Parliamentarian

Boolean Algebra & Logic
 CompSci 161
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
 CompSci 165
Project in Algorithms & Data Structures
 CompSci 260
Fundamentals of the
    Design and Analysis of Algorithms
 CompSci 260P
Fundamentals of
    Algorithms with Applications
 CompSci 267P
Data Compression
 CompSci 269S
Seminar on Theory of
    Algorithms & Data Structures
 Univ Studies 3
Puzzlers for Computer Scientists

  Curriculum Vitae ( pdf )


Research Areas
  • Longest Common Subsequences
  • Data Compression
  • Search
  • Combinatorial Group Testing

Side Interests
Contact Information

   Dan Hirschberg
   Computer Science Department
   University of California, Irvine
   Irvine, CA 92697-3435

(949) 824-6480