ISLER Family Wedding, Nov 1929 Berlin

Wedding of Marga GLEITZMANN, eldest granddaughter of Jacob ISLER to Walter Bernhard LEIB.
Seven of Jacob's children are present, the youngest son having died shortly before this event.
Also, 9 of Jacob's 10 grandchildren are in the picture.

The bridal couple are seated in the center.
Jacob Isler, second row, fifth in from the left (with one man between him and the bride).
Jacob's children, in age order:
  Lina Isler Brock, second row, second from the left, with her husband, Eduard Brock next to her.
  Adele Isler Gleitzmann, second row, ninth from the left (two to the right of her daughter, the bride).
  Alfred Isler, standing, back row, all the way over on the right.
  Julius Isler, standing, third row, all the way over on the left, with his hand on the shoulder of his (second) wife, Louise.
  George Isler, third row on the right side just to the left of the man bending over the girl in the white dress.
  Leon Isler, third row, 11th from the left.
  Caecilie (Cilly) Isler Blumenfeld, third row, 14th from the left. 13th from the left is her husband, Gustav Blumenfeld.
Sitting on the floor, in front, are most of Jacob's grandchildren:
  Werner Isler, son of Julius and Louise is 4th from the left, with the hat (dressed as Harold Lloyd).
  Hanni Blumenfeld Edinger and Inge Blumenfeld, children of Cilly and Gustav Blumenfeld, are the two little girls to the right of Werner..
  Gerda Isler Rosenbaum and Eric Isler, children of George, are the next two children to the right after Inge.
  Skipping past the young couple on the floor next to Eric, the next boy on the floor is Heinz Brock, son of Lina and Eduard Brock.
  Herbert Arnold Isler, son of Julius Isler and his first wife, is the last boy sitting on the floor on the right.
Lotte Brock Passer, daughter of Lina and Eduard Brock, is the girl in the white dress all the way on the right in the second row.