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Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 12:01:45 -0500 
Subject: Question 

Dear Moishe:

I hope you are all well.
The email version of Yated Neeman mentioned the recent passing of R' Aaron
Miller Z'L, a well known Shliach Tzibbur, Mohel, etc. with Bobov, at age 89.
Was he a relative of ours, and if so how was he related?
Bob Miller (Indianapolis!)

From: "Benzion Mandelbaum"  
Subject: Thank you 
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 01:27:50 -0700 
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    I am Benzion Mandelbaum, son of Esther G. Mandelbaum, daughter of Aaron 
miller. (get it?). We met at a wedding last year. I stumbled across your site,
about the Miller family tree while searching the web. The site has wealth of 
information and is just mind boggling. I would like to congratulate you on a 
job well done.Thank You very much.
By the way, in case you haven't heard, my grandfather Reb Aaron Miller was 
niftar on Pesach.
I am in middle of dedicating a website about him the URL is:
So Long 
Benzion Mandelbaum

In case it gets lost or is moved, I have copied the page content as it was on June 28, 2000, so as to preserve the information that Benzion has worked on:

  Reb Aaron was born in Auspicin (Auschwitz), Poland in 1911. He
  passed away on April 26, 2000,(seventh day of Passover) in Brooklyn
  NY. His parents were Reb Chaim Shimon and Gittel. Reb Chaim
  Shimon was a Chazzan and an expert mohel, and was respected and
  revered by all and was very liked by the Bobover Rebbe Zt"l. As a child
  young Aaron was taken to see the holy Bobover Rebbe Zt"l, Rabbi
  Benzion Halberstam, and was a devoted Bobover Chasid since then. As
  a bachur he was given the honor to sing Hamavdil by the Bobover
  Rebbe Zt"l accompanied by a choir of talented singers which he had
  brought along to Bobov. (Among them were Reb Shaul Huterer, Reb
  Moshe Wachsman, and Reb Herschel Tauber Zt"l.)
  Reb Aaron was blessed with a unique melodious voice and distinct style
  of composing songs. When singing one of his songs Reb Aaron sang
  with all his body and soul. Everybody around him would become
  enveloped in his magical world of music. From the lively songs which
  Reb Aaron composed that would liven up the most downtrodden or the
  very heartfelt songs that were composed and sung from deep within Reb
  Aaron's heart, would soften even the hardest hearts. At every family
  simcha or joyous occasion Reb Aaron would delight all attendees with
  his lively songs. Over the years he composed more than one hundred
  His life was dedicated though to something else, he was a Mohel. When
  he reached 15 years of age his father (who was a Mohel) took him along
  to every Bris that he did, thereby training him in. Shortly afterward
  young Aaron was a Mohel in his own right. He then made a
  commitment that he would never decline anyone who invites him to be
  Mohel. During the bitter Holocaust years whenever an opportunity
  would arise he would be the Mohel. After the war in the D.P. Camps he
  was appointed chief Mohel by the government and was given a car to go
  all around Germany to be Mohel, he used to have up to 30 Bris's per

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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