Miller Genealogy

This page is aimed at researchers with Jewish Miller/Muller/Mueller roots anywhere in the world. It was last updated May 14, 1996. I would like to thank Websight & Best Internet for their generousity in allowing the placement of my homepage.

My family tree starts in Galicia, around 1730. It contains over six-thousand descendants of the original Miller, Avrohm Aba. By the 1860's the family was well dispersed throughout much of Eastern Europe. By 1900 there were Millers in Western Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Avrohm Aba had three known children:

Yakov Mylech (c. 1805 - 1860's), who had one known son, Shabsi (1825 - 1909), of Obrucna, Slovakia. He had between 12 & 24 children.

Pesach Dovid (c. 1810 - c.1872), who had 7 sons & 3 daughters. Of them, six are known. They are Raphael Meyer (1830's - ?) of Tylicz, Poland, who had 16 children. Shabsi Yitzchok (1830's - 1894) of Bukowsko, Poland, who had 10 children. Basha Diamant (1839? - ?) of Malcov, Slovakia, who had 2 sons. Yosef (Yuska) (1842/3 - 1914) of Malcov, Slovakia, who had 4 sons R. Naftali (1845 - 1930) of Gorlice, Poland, who had 7 children. Shlomo (1848 - 1931) of Galicia, and then Nyirbator, Hungary, who had 8 children. Pesach Dovid's other children are not currently known.

Yisroel Yitzchok (1816 - c.1894) of Lenartov, Slovakia, who had 3 known children: Usher Zelig (1841 - 1924/5), of Wielopole Skrzynskie, Poland, who had several children. Sora Roiza Lauer (1847 - 191?) of Malcov, Slovakia, who had 9 children. Avrohm Miller (1853 - 1922) of Vadovice, Poland, who had 9 children.

I am currently pursuing several leads regarding other branches of my Miller family. The two most promising concern a Kahan family and a Miller family. The Kahan family is from Sighet, Romania. A Hersh Kahan married a Bayla Chaya Miller. The Miller family is from Belarus. Samuel Müller, born in Korotichi, Belarus, on March 23, 1897. Korotichi was a very small town. It is 101 kilometers East of Pinsk. He was last known to have been in Gorlice, Poland, during the war. He never returned.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone with any knowledge or interest in the Miller family.

Please note: Many family members bear spelling variations of the name Miller. The Yiddish was always Miller. However, the legal name was often Müller (with an umlad). Do not discount the possibility of a connection based on the spelling of the name.

Moishe Miller