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Avrohm Aba (c.1765 - c.1848), Avrohm Aba son of Pesach, had 3 known sons.

  • Yakov Mylech Yakov Elimelech (1784 - 1860's) was born in Lenartov, Slovakia. He lived in Obrucna, was married twice, & had children from both wives. 9 of his children are known.
    • Shabsi (1822 - 1909), of Obrucna, Slovakia, married Hena. They were reputed to have had as many as 24 children. Of them, 14 are known.
      Breindel Reiss, Shimon, Chava (Anna?), Chaja Resy, Sarah Rochel Farber, Abraham Mandel, Avrohm Aba, Rivka, Itcha, Fülop, Pessi, Malka (Amalia ?) Miller, Kasalin, & Esztera
    • Zlate (Zali) (1825 - ?) married Marcus Weingarten & lived in Obrucna, Slovakia. They had 8 known children.
      Salamon, Zali, Kasalin, Mozses, Israel, Iyak (Izak?), Herman, & Fani
    • Chaskel (1827 - ?) was married to Sira Süsl Sendrovits (born 1827). They lived in Obrucna, Slovakia, and had 7 children. Chaskel owned an inn.
      Avrohm Aba, Rozalia/Rosy, Mendel Löb, Bessi/Breindel, Pinkus, Zali, & Yitzchok Zev
    • Rozi (1829 - ?) was married to Hirsch Neigreschel. They lived in Obrucna, Slovakia, and had 2 known children.
      Salamon, Pinkus & Abrahm
    • Mira (1834 - ?) married Nafsanail Rubin. They lived in Obrucna, Slovakia, & had 3 known children.
      Abrahm, Juditha, & Salamon
    • Anna (1849 - ?) was born in Obrucna, Slovakia.
    • Rezi (1853 - ?) was born in Obrucna, Slovakia.
    • Kasalin (Rivka?) (1856 - ?) was born in Obrucna, Slovakia.
    • Salamon (1857 - ?) was born in Obrucna, Slovakia.

  • Pesach Dovid Pesach Dovid (c. 1810 - c.1872), married Chana Rita (Chana Rita) Schwartz/Weinberger. The Divrei Chaim, R. Chaim Halberstam, of Nowy Sacz, made the shidduch (match). They had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Of them, six are known.
    • Raphael Meyer (1830's - ?) of Tylicz, Poland, married Leah Goldstein. They had 16 children but information regarding only seven is known. Raphael Meyer and Leah are both buried in the cemetery at Labowa.
      Avrohm Aba, girl, Simon, Yosef, Rochel, Yocheved, Rivka Schermer, & others
    • Shabsi Yitzchok (1830's - 1894) of Bukowsko, Poland, married Esther Pinter. They had 10 children.
      Yakov Hersh, Sholom, Avrohm, Yocheved Rebhun, Basha Rokeach, Pinchus, Pesach Dovid, Bayla Chaya Kahan, Sara?, & Miriam Malka Zak
    • Basha (1837/8 - 1892) of Malcov, Slovakia, married Nusson Diamant. They had 2 sons.
      Avrohm Aba & Yosef
    • Yuska (1842/3 - 1914) of Malcov, Slovakia, married Chaya Sandezer. They had 4 sons.
      Chaskel, Avrohm Aba, Levi Yitzchok, & Pesach Dovid
    • R. Naftali R. Naftali Miller (1845 - 1930) Dayan of Gorlice, Poland, married twice, first to Sura Chivala, and after her passing, to Mirel Spira. He had children from both wives.
      R. Shmuel Aron, Nechama Stengal, R. Moshe'le, Yaakov, Chaya Nussbaum, Itcha, & Sara Yugund
    • Shlomo Shlomo Schonfeld (1848 - 1931) of Galicia (maybe), and lastly, Nyirbator, Hungary, married Chaya Gross. They had 8 children.
      Sara Miller, Benny, Bertha Miller, Rivka Grunfeld, Harry, Naftali, Chaim, & Chana Rita Fried
    • Pesach Dovid's other children (2 boys & 2 girls) are not currently known.

  • Yisroel Yitzchok Yisroel Yitzchok (1816 - c.1891) of Lenartov, Slovakia, married Gittel (Gittel) (she may have been a daughter of the Kanfei N'Sharim, R. Avrohm Lichtstein). They had 3 known children.
    • Usher Zelig (1841 - 1923), of Wielopole Skrzynskie, Poland, married Chaya Tzivya Wildstein. They had several children. I am still developing information on this branch.
      Ozer, Moshe, Ettel, Hersh Shlomo, & others
    • Sora Roiza (1847 - 191?) of Malcov, Slovakia, married R. Nussanel Lauer. They had 9 children.
      Yosef, Malka Leah Deutsch, Lazar, Chana Keller, Tzirel Landau, Reygush Klein, Bayla Ehrman, Chaim, & Yulishka Fried
    • Avrohm Avrohma'la Wadowice Miller (1853 - 1921/2) of Wadowice, Poland, married Chana Yehudis Neiman. They had 17 children but only 9 survived to adulthood.
      Bayla Einhorn, Shaya Zelig, Shlomo, Chaya Sammet, Eliyahu, Shabsy, Chaim Shimon, Gittel Miller, & Ozer

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I am currently pursuing several leads regarding other branches of this Miller family tree. Some of the most promising concern Kahan, Brand, Raab, and several Miller families. Please see my broken branches section.

Please note: Many family members bear spelling variations of the name Miller. The Yiddish was Miller. However, the legal name was often Müller (with an umlaut). Do not discount the possibility of a connection based on the spelling of the name.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

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