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TO: Moishe Miller
Subject: Re: Langsam Family
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Date: 7/24/98 5:58 AM 

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Don't have much information on the Langsam family. Esther Langsam married my
great grandfather Samual Jacobs. Esther was born March 16, 1870 in Austria. Her
father's name
(from death cert) is Schiea Langsam, and mother is Riva Chaia (I hope I've
spelled them right). Esther is buried in Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY (Long
Island). She
is the only Langsam in my tree as she married into the Jacobs family. You can
see my family tree at: .

At the time of her death, she lived at 1002 Foster Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Prior to
that at 1283 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, NY. That's all I have. Maybe it will help.
Let me know.


The website at:
has the following info:

Descendants of Samual Jacobs
and Esther (Langsam) Jacobs

1. Samual Jacobs b: September 1, 1870 in Austria d: July 4, 1954 in New York
   +Esther Langsam b: March 16, 1870 in Austria d: April 24, 1949 in New York
    2. Rose Jacobs b: May 20, 1893 in Austria d: March 21, 1984 in New York
       +David Samual White b: July 8, 1892 in Russia d: November 11, 1950 in New York
        3. Sidney J. White b: August 3, 1914 in Oconto, Wisconsin
           +Mae Louise Strauss b: November 9, 1921 in Little Rock, Ak d: October 9, 1979 in Little Rock, Ak
            4. Charlotte Nan White b: January 16, 1945 in Little Rock, Ak
               +Louis S. Gomolak b: January 24, 1937 in Dearborn, MI m: September 14, 1974 in New Milford, CT
            4. Claudia Ellen White b: June 20, 1950 in New York
               +David Holzman
                5. Erica Lynn Holzman b: August 7, 1972 in New York
                5. Sydney Louise Holzman b: November 3, 1974 in Little Rock, Ak
          *2nd wife of Sidney
           +Ida Katz
        3. Stanton Abraham White b: August 14, 1919 in Marinette, Wisconsin
           +Therese M. Sheridan b: May 30, 1929
            4. Allison M. White  b: June 9, 1952  (see our family) 
            4. Leslie A. White  b: June 8, 1953
            4. Georgene J. White b: June 20, 1954
            4. David S. White b: April 26, 1956
         2nd wife of Stanton
           +Alexandra Djury b: October 18, 1937 (in Russia)
            4. Anna S. White b: December 31, 1974  (see family) 
        3. Edward L. White b:July 18, 1922
            4. Elinor White
            4. Evan White
    2. Gussie Jacobs b: 1896 in Austria d:
       +Ben Goldstein
        3. Janice Goldstein
           +Max Schwartz
            4. Barbara Schwartz
            4. Fred Schwartz
    2. Leah Jacobs b: June 16, 1903 in New York d: February 12, 1953 in New York
       +Simon Leiberman b: October 10, 1895 d: August 29, 1964 in New York
        3. Naomi Leiberman b: March 6, 1940
           +Elliot Sklar b: July 21, 1937
            4. Lauri Robin Sklar b: August 19, 1965 in Brooklyn, NY
            4. Stephanie Kay Sklar b: October 31, 1966
               +Jon Wolfson b: January 27, 1966 m: May 28, 1988
                5. Sara Fay Wolfson b: May 14, 1991
                5. Joshua Alexander Wolfson b: July 6, 1993
                5. Eli Raphael Wolfson b: September 11, 1998
            4. Howard Mark Sklar b: September 13, 1969 in Boston, MA
               +Leslie Felton b: March 6, 1969 m: November 22, 1998 in New York
    2. Abraham Irving Jacobs b: September 15, 1904 d: May 27, 1987
       +Molly G. Gazang b: February 8, 1912 d: October 11, 1981
        3. Charlotte Jacobs b: June 13, 1938
           +Roger Blumancranz
            4. Beth Blumancranz b: October 26, 1961
            4. Mark Blumencranz b: August 3, 1963
            4. Eric Blumancranz b: September 10, 1965
        3. Mitchel M. Jacobs b: August 12, 1941 d: September 7, 1950
        3. David Jacobs b: March 3, 1952
           +Elyne Topal m: September 17, 1995
    2. Sidney R. Jacobs b: March 17, 1907 in New York
        3. Arlene Jacobs
           +Leonard Levin
            4. Suzanne Levin
               +Mitchell Rice
                5. Jacob Rice
                5. Samuel Rice
            4. Steven Levin
        3. Joyce Jacobs
           +Perry Levin
            4. Allison Levin
            4. Marnie Levin
            *2nd husband of Joyce Jacobs:
        3. Cynthia Jacobs
           +Fred Abeles
            4. Sandy Abeles
            4. Jody Abeles
    2. Irving L. Jacobs b: August 16, 1909 d: September 1979
       +Ruby ???
        3. Leslie Jacobs
        *2nd husband of Leslie Jacobs:
           +Steven Fine
            4. Aaron Fine
            4. Liza Fine

Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 12:29:08 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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Subject: Re: Esther's parents - a conflict? 


Hi, I don't know much about that side of the family. I sent your email to a
cousin who may know this. I have a copy of Esther's death certificate, and on
it is her father's name; it is Schiea Langsam. If you like, I'll scan it and
send you a copy. As for the other names, I don't recognize any of them. I'll
let you know what my cousin says when I receive her email back. Do you live in
NY? I am in Michigan. I was born and raised in NY.


"" wrote:

> Hi,
> I visited your page and its very nice. I had a chance to look up some of my
> old notes and found a note from a cousin (not in your specific branch) who
> claims to have contacted Ruby (Irving's wife?) and was told that Esther''s
> father was Isaac. She also mentioned the name Blasberg (Sylvan in
> Lauderhill, FL and Harold in Valley Stream, NY). Can either you or I
> contact her (if she is still available)? Do you know of any of this?
> -Thanks for your indulgence.
> Moishe
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 12:32:07 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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Subject: Re: Esther's parents - a conflict? 

Forgot to mention.... My Ruby Jacobs lives in Richmond, VA. Is this the same

Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 14:02:06 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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To: ""  
Subject: Re: Esther's parents - a conflict? 


Attached is a .jpg file of the death certificate. By the way, Esther's husband was
Samual. I'll send your email to my cousin. She may just email you.


"" wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the reply. Can I email this cousin directly? If it snot too much
> trouble, I would love it if you could scan and email the certificate. I am
> in Brooklyn, NY. I work by Wall St (NYC). I will check where the Ruby my
> cousin contacted is from.
> Thanks loads!!!
> -Moishe

Death Certificate of Esther Jacons, nee Langsam

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 18:17:12 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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To: ""  
Subject: Re: Esther's parents - a conflict? 


My cousin says she does not know what Esther's father's name was. But, it is
possible that her father's name was Isaac, because two of Esther's sons (Irving
- Ruby's husband and Abe) middle name is Isaac. She suggested that I ask my
Uncle (Esther's grandson) since he is just about the oldest now. I will email
his daughter and find out. This may take a while, but I will let you know what
happens. I'm saving your email address and phone numbers in my address book.
Have you looked at the death cert? Is your Esther's husbands name Samual? If
so, we may have a connection here. Good luck!!


"" wrote:

> Many Thanks!
> Please let me know what the cousin does. I can also supply phone numbers, I
> live in NY
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 20:17:08 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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To: Moishe  
Subject: More Info 

Well Moishe, I think we're indirectly in the same line. Nice to find
someone out there who is related some how! How old are you? I'll be 48
in June. The last place I lived in Brooklyn was on E. 29th St. between
Kings Highway and Ave. P. I went to James Madison HS. My dad is Stanton
White (Rose's son); don't know if you know the name. Below I've tried to
answer as good as possible your questions. Hope it helps you.

Yes, the Esther listed is wife of Samuel, with daughter-in-law Ruby.
*Ruby was married to Irving. Irving is buried in Beth David Cemetery in
Elmont, NY (Long Island). There is a Jacobs/White plot (big section near
the front entrance). Esther's daughter Rose (Jacobs) White (my
grandmother) is buried there (on the White side). Esther & Samual are
buried there (on the Jacobs side), along with their son Abe, his wife
Molly, and their son Mitchell (who died young); Esther and Samual's
daugther Leah (Jacobs) and her husband Simon Lieberman are also buried

I think they made a mistake although it won't be the first time I saw a
death certificate with the wrong data.
*Well, his name could have been changed at Ellis Island, or translated
to Issac.

If you are contacting this uncle, the other important question to ask is
WHAT OTHER LANGSAM'S DO YOU KNOW? Any of Esther's sibling's names or
their children? Then we can really put this tree where it belongs.
*Do you know any of Esther's siblings?

Also, from where in Europe were they?
*The 1920 census says Samual and Esther came from Austria. Funny, it
also says they spoke Polish!

Do you have their marriage record? Were they married in the USA? Her
death record implies she came here when she was 24. Did she already have
*I don't have a marriage record, but they were married in Austria (or
wherever). My Grandmother Rose was born in Austria along with her sister
Gussie. The rest of the four children were born in the US. According to
the 1920 census, they came to the US in 1899.

Also, it says she was naturalized. Do you have the  records pertaining
to that? If not, would you like me to try and get that for you from the
NARA here or Brooklyn Supreme Court? If so, do you know where they lived
before 1002 Foster Ave (which is right near me).
*Also according to the 1920 census, it says they (Samual, Esther, and
Gussie) were naturalized in 1905. Women were naturalized when the
husband/father was. By 1920, Rose (my grandmother) was married and had
two children (my uncle and my dad), and living in Wisconsin. Also
according to the 1920 census, their address was 670 (?) Rockaway Ave,
Kings County. I do not have the naturalization papers. Haven't been able
to find them yet.

I would send a scanned copy of the census, but it is very dark and hard
to read. I am attaching copys of photos I took at the cemetery; have
others, will send tomorrow. Happy researching... will be in touch.


Samuel Jacobs

Esther Jacobs nee Langsam

Irving Jacobs

Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 10:16:08 EST 
Subject: Esther Jacobs branch 
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Hi Moishe,
Ally White contacted me about the family tree. I don't have much info . I 
only remember some names
Phil,Willy,Nat and someone else . I think they were brothers and probably 
first cousins to Esther. One was a n opthalmologist, an optomitrist and I 
don't know what the others did. 
Hope this helps
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 10:09:23 EST 
Subject: Re: Esther Jacobs branch 
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Hi there,
I am Leah Jacobs daughter. I gave Ally all the info about Esther Jacobs 
children. If you want it I'll send it on. But it should be on Ally's site. I 
don't know anything about her brothers or sisters. I'll ask around again if 
any of my cousins know or remember anything but I doubt it. 

have a great day naomi 
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 19:32:34 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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To: ""  
Subject: Re: Esther Jacobs branch 


Naomi is Esther's granddaughter. Her mother is Leah, is Esther's daughter.
Attached is a picture of Naomi's parents footstones. I don't recognize any of
the names Naomi mentioned. has any of the information I gave you filled in any
blanks? Is it helping?


"" wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. There were indeed three brothers named as you
> indicated. But they did not have a known aunt named Esther. Their father
> was David Langsam, born 1877. Could he have been a cousin to Esther?
> Naomi, where do you fit in the tree?
> -Moishe
> At 10:16 AM 2/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >Hi Moishe,
> >Ally White contacted me about the family tree. I don't have much info . I
> >only remember some names
> >Phil,Willy,Nat and someone else . I think they were brothers and probably
> >first cousins to Esther. One was a n opthalmologist, an optomitrist and I
> >don't know what the others did.
> >Hope this helps
> >Naomi

Esther Leiberman and husband Simon

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 09:45:52 -0500 
From: Allison White  
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To: Moishe  
Subject: Family Info 


Have you gotten any useable information from my cousin Naomi? Did the
information I gave you make a connection? Are we both decendants of the
same Langsam line? Keep me posted.

Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 17:29:47 -0500 
From: Allison White  
Subject: New Email Address 

Hi all! I have a new email address. Now have cable modem. FAST! So much
better. If you got this a second time, sorry.

old -
new -


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 23:38:17 -0500 
Subject: Re: Esther Langsam 


I have sent an email to my cousin Naomi to see if she recalls the 
names Saul & Rebecca Langsam. In her email to you, she said she 
remembered names like Willy, Phil, and Nat. I see that they are sons 
of David. She also said that maybe they were cousins to Esther. So 
either they were cousins or she was their aunt. Have to do more 

I have a GEDCOM file that I will send you in the next few days. My 
computer is having "a snit", and I have been working on it. I know 
that my Family Treemaker file is still there, just not sure if it will 
fit on a disk; may have to zip it to get it to another computer.

Take care,
From: "Sklar, Howard M."  
Subject: Esther Langsam 
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:04:26 -0400 
Samuel Jacobs’ father is Avraham Yitzchok (Abraham Isaac).  Samuel’s Hebrew name 
is Shabbatai.

I can’t quite make out Simon Lieberman’s Hebrew name, I’m going to ask someone 
else about it.

Also, I had another child…there’s Julia Rachel (Yael Rina), and now Hannah Mia 
(Chana Malka).  Also, there’s a third on its way.  It should be here in a month.

Howard Sklar

Moishe…where does Esther and Yeshaya fit in on your site?  Are they descendants 
of Pesach Langsam?  Through which of his children?  Are you still in Flatbush?  
My family is in Woodmere.   HMS
From: ""  
Subject: Re: Esther Langsam 
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:41:10 -0400 
To: "Sklar, Howard M." , 

To see the tombstones and death certificate, you can review
the page in my website at

I think that this Yeshaya was a brother to Isaac Langsam.
You can review that data at

I am still in Flatbush and am still trying to "attach" your
branch to the main tree. Any resources you can direct me to
or supply that might help would be most welcome. Are you
aware of any other LANGSAM cousins that Esther Jacobs may
have told some of your family about?

From: "Sklar, Howard M."  
Subject: RE: Esther Langsam 
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:49:22 -0400 
Not a one, unfortunately. Everyone in my parents' family was niftar before
I was born. I only knew one grandparent, and that was on my father's side.
What I know of my mother's family comes from Ally.

Good Shabbos.

From: "Suzan & Ron Wynne"  
Subject: H9 Additions 
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 16:34:04 -0400 
To: "Miller Moishe"  

As I was organizing my Israel notes and integrating material, I realized
that I never sent you the additional information I developed on a possible
link to H9. The issue at hand was how Esther Jacobs (of Ruby and Allison
White fame) fits in. Before I left for Israel, I was playing around with
various Jewish sites and found cemetery records for Beth David in Queens.

Ruby Jacobs thought that Esther was the daughter of Isaac and Gittel but
she was the daughter of Abraham Langsam. Esther did marry Samuel Jacobs and
they had a bunch of children as your correspondence with Allison White
indicated. I have no quarrel with the tree as she provided it except that
Esther was a daughter of Abraham. Esther was born 3/1/1870 which would
place Abraham with a birthdate at least 20 years before.

Either the stone and cemetery records are incorrect and she really was a
daughter to Isaac and Gittel in H9 or she belongs elsewhere.

To: "Suzan & Ron Wynne" 
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: H9 Additions

 Welcome back!!! I missed you; I have been hard at work
 trying to coallate all my various notes, emails and
 additins to FTM into a document I can send you, similar to
 the one you sent to me on the H sections. I think this will
 stil take me some time, so please be patient.

 Regarding H9, please clarify what you mean by "Ruby Jacobs
 thought that Esther was the daughter of Isaac and Gittel
 she was the daughter of Abraham Langsam"

 Which ABRAHAM LANGSAM do you mean???

 I have my own pet theory - Esther Jacobs was a sister to
 Isaac, not a daughter. Furthermore, I think that H9 and H8
 connect via the Schia reference on Esther's death
 certifiacte (see it at:

 Please share your thoughts and comments!

From: "Suzan & Ron Wynne"  
Subject: Re: H9 Additions 
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 11:54:31 -0400 
Now that IS interesting. The cemetery record has her father as Abraham. If
the death record is correct, and I have no reason to suspect that it is not,
then the task is to figure out who Schaya and Riva Chaia are. Yours is an
interesting theory. For now, as I have counseled before, I think she ought
to be treated separately. We may never be able to solve this little

Subject: addition to familytree 
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 02:29:11 EST 

Hi Moishe,
I am writing to update my family.  I am Stephanie Sklar Wolfson and we have 
a fourth child.  Edward Wolfson born on Nov. 21, 2000.  Happy Hanukkah!
Thanks, Stephanie  
Subject: Re: Fwd: addition to familytree 
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 17:32:03 +0000 
To: ""  

Hi, just got back from a four week business/vacation trip. I will forward you something this evening. Will you send me what you have as far as ancestors of my line? I've been at a stand still for quite a while; looking for more info to continue.




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