The Gertie Langsam Family

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From: Moishe Miller 
To : Alan F. Bachrach, M.D.,
Date: Sunday, January 21, 2001 8:29 PM
Subject : Family Tree of the Jewish People: Gertrude LANGSAM
I saw your posting to the JewishGen Family Tree. I was wondering if you
might be interested in exploring a possible LANGSAM connection. I maintain a
website at that outlines what I know from the definitive
Thanks for your time!
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To: "Moishe Miller"  
Subject: Re: Family Tree of the Jewish People: Gertrude LANGSAM 
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 21:40:26 -0600 

Dear Mr. Langsam,

Thanks for writing. All I know about the Langsams is that Gertrude Langsam
married my mother's paternal uncle, Alvin Udell. Also, that Gertie had a
brother named Martin, who was a surgeon trained at NYU. Martin's wife was
named Bea. They lived in Hallandale Florida at the end of their lives.
Gertie and Martin died within a couple of weeks of one another. This was
approximately 1985 (I was in medical school from 83-87 and Gertie died
during this time).  I do know that Alvin and Gertie were cremated and their
ashes were buried in the floor of the Udell family mausoleum in Acacia
Cemetery, Ozone Park (Queens), NY. Does this fit with anything you know?

A NY geneologist by the name of Florence Marmor once exchanged some e mails
with me regarding Acacia Cemeterty in Queens, NY. She told me she was
related to some Langsam's, if that helps.

Please let me know,

Best Wishes,

Alan F. Bachrach, M.D.

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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