The H63 Rose Kopita nee Langsam Family

H63 is part if H20 which is L5.0.2
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H63 has been connected to H20 and the main tree. It is part of L5.0.2
Rose Langsam (October 17, 1880 - April 30, 1950) was the daughter of Tzvi Elimelech. She married to Abe Kopita (March 20, 1884 - December 15, 1957) and they lived in Tupper Lake, NY and Ogdensburg, NY. They had 3 known children.

from GENI...
Andrew Monfried
9/30/2013 at 12:05 PM


I saw your note in the message board and wanted to reach out. I think I may have contacted your before
about the Langsams. My mother in law's first cousin was Marty Langsam who unfortunately passed last spring. 
He was the son of Jack/Hyman, grandson of Aaron. His children are my wife's second cousins.

I have a very small part of the large Langsam tree if you ever are able to build it out on geni, and I am happy 
to merge to it.

I can also explain the Kopita connection - the Langsams, Pearlmans and Kopitas intersect in about three places 
in the same tree. Abraham Kopita was technically a step-uncle of Jack Langsam's wife Tessie Pearlman. Tessie's 
grandfather remarried a woman named Sarah Kopita - her son was Abraham. Abraham's wife Rose was also Aaron 
Langsam's younger sister so they all blend together. You really need a chart with lines and arrows to explain 
it all.


Andrew Monfried 
Dallas, TX

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