The Moshe Shlomo Langsam Family

Wednesday December 8, 1999 05:28 PM
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<< Are you interersted in this? Can you tell me what branch you come from?
Shalom Alechem!  Yes, I am interested.  However, I tried your site and got only a Miller family tree and informaation.  Is
info on the Langsams as well?  How are you related to the Langsam family?
My father was born in Harbourg, near Hamburg, Germany but grew up in
His parents, however, were from small towns in Poland, the names of which I
always forget.  I have to ask my mother.  My dad passed away 10 years ago.
His Hebrew name was Usher Zelig, in German it was Sigmund Arnold and in
America he was known as Sydney.  His father was Moshe Langsam and his
was Ida (Treff) Langsam.  My dad was the eldest son if five children -
Regina, Benny (Bernard), Goldie and Esther.
Is this helpful?
I don't know what you mean by "what branch."
Where do you live?
~ ~ Ida Langsam
Thursday December 9, 1999 12:36 PM
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<< Was this your dad:
 Born:   7 Feb 1909
 Died: 16 Jan 1990, 33009 (Hallandale, Broward, FL)
 SSN: 089-26-5928 issued in   New York, 1951 >>
Yes - how did you know that?

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 07:01:05 EST 
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My grandfather was named Moshe Shlomo Langsam - he came from Poland - either 
Duckla or Sanock.
~ ~ Ida Langsam ( 
Friday January 28, 2000 12:33 PM
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<< With the info I have from you, your tree basically starts with Moshe
 Langsam, who fathered
 Sydney in 1909 (and then Regina, Benny (Bernard), Goldie and Esther). >>
Regina was first, then Sydney (Sigmund Arnold, actually, or Usher Zelig in
Hebrew).  Esther is the youngest.  I have to find out if Benny was older
As far as first cousins:
Regina Langsam married Chaskel Goldberg, and had Malka, who is married to
Finkel, and they have a daughter, Shelly Aviva, who is unmarried.
Benny Langsam married Ilse (don't know her maiden name) and had two
daughters: Ida Joan (unmarried) and Marilyn Alice.  Marilyn is divorced
her first husband but uses her former married name Holof.  She is currently
separated from her second husband and ocassionally uses that last name
(Silverberg).  No children.
Goldie Langsam married Hyman Hollander and had two children.  Hyman passed
away many years ago and Goldie is remarried to Sam (but I don't remember
last name, as she doesn't use it)  Her children are:
Steven Hollander, married to Ann (don't know her maiden name).  They have
three sons: Chad, Jonathan and I've forgotten the name of the third son!
None are married.
Marion Hollander married Sy Wezenter; they are divorced.  They have two
children: Michelle and Jeffrey.  Neither is married.
Esther Langsam married Kurt Blaut; they have one son, Milton, who is
to Suzie.  Milton adopted Suzie's son Jared from her first marriage, and
have two children together: Ari and Amie.

What other info do you need on this front?

~ ~ Ida
Friday January 28, 2000 12:51 PM
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<< How did your father come to be in the USA? >>
When the war broke out in Germany, my father (who was already married to my
mother) was declared a Polish citizen since his father was born in Poland
father was born in Harbourg, near Hamburg, Germany, but raised in Berlin).
My father, his brother Benny and father Moshe were deported to Poland.  The
story, as I remember it from being told, is that when it was declared
forbidden for Jews to own businesses, the brothers concocted a scheme.
went to some government official and said he had to go back to Berlin to
close his father's business, and was given a two day pass.  Once in Berlin,
he went to the embassy of one of the Scandanavia governments.  Benny was a
soccor player in Berlin and somewhat known. He told the embassy official
his team was playing in whatever country that was, and he needed to join
team for a match.  He was given a short term visa and left.  Two days
my father went to the Polish government official and said my brother never
returned, there must have been a problem, now I have to go to Berlin to
my father's business, and HE was given a pass.  Once back in Berlin, my
father went right to the embassy and said his brother was in that
Scandanavian country waiting for him  (I would have to ask the details of
what country if my mom knows it) and could he get a visa to get there?  He
was given a visa, and the brothers met up at a designated place.  Then they
fled from one Scandanavian country to another, just steps ahead of the
who were on their trail.  They managed to get to Switzerland where the
government basically said they would not help them out, but would not send
them back, and both Sydney and Benny spent the war in Zurich, working for
Red Cross under trying conditions, doing things like building roads and
My mother was stuck in Berlin, with her mother.  My mother's younger sister
and older brother had somehow gotten out to England and were there during
war, with my Uncle being in the RAF.  But since my mother was already
to my father, she did not/could not leave.  Her father (my grandfather
Goldberg) had also been declared a Polish citizen and sent back to Poland,
it was just my mom and her mother alone together.  They were wending their
way across borders and were caught in Belgium, where they were put into a
work camp.  It was the barracks where the Nazi officers lived, and my
was a maid while my grandmother was a cook.  Because he was working with
Red Cross, my father was able to keep track of my mother's whereabouts and
even be in touch.  My mom has the postcards which he sent to her, with the
secrect codes between them and some censorship from the Nazis where words
were crossed out.
After the war was over, my father was able to visit my mom a couple of
in Belgium, where she was living in a DP camp.  He was able to come to
America because his sister Goldie and her husband were already living here.
Regina and her husband had emigrated to Palestine before the war, which is
where their daughter Malka was born.
Goldie and her husband Hymie moved to New York just before the war, so she
was able to sponsor my father after the war.
Benny was with my father in Switzerland, and Esther - who was about 15 at
time - survived a concentration camp.
My father came to New York in about 1947, 48 and 4 months later sent for my
My grandmother (my mother's mother, Bronia Blima Goldberg, nee Schmuckler)
emigrated to Canada which is where her son had moved from England.  After a
few years there, she moved to New York as did my Aunt, my mother's sister
Fanny (Fay) Goldberg Gabbe.
And I was born in New York in 1951.
There you go!

Monday February 21, 2000 01:21 PM
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Hi - sorry it's taken this long to reply to you but it's not that easy to
info from the older members of the family.

The only details I was able to get are as follows:
My paternal grandfather Moses Langsam was born March 15 in Sanok
His wife, Edis (Treff) Langsam was born December 30 or 31 in Dukla.
Both cities were then considered Galitzia, then Poland.
Moses (Moshe) had at least one brother, but no one can remember his name or
anything else about him.  His name might have been "Bearish" (don't know
correct Yiddish spelling).
All my mom can remember is that when she was in the work camp in Belgium,
met a man who said he is "mispocha" of the Langsams from Koln (Germany).
thinks pehaps this "Bearish" moved from Polan to Koln, got married and had
children, and that is where this man came to be related.  But she never saw
him again and couldn't get any more info.
Does this help?
~ ~ Ida Langsam
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<< We had some family in Cologne, Germany. Check out my link at:
 any other news? >>
I checked on the link, but there was nothing about the Langsam family.  
Thanks anyhow.
There's nothing new on this end.  Hope all is well.
~ ~ Ida S. Langsam 


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