The Pesach Langsam Family

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Mendel Langsam (1854 - Dec 24, 1932), son of Pesach Langsam, was married to Chaya/Sarah/Jennie. Mrs. Barbara Blosveren related that her father told her Mendel shot a man and had to escape, fleeing Jaroslaw, Poland. Mendel had five known children. The 1900 census for Emann Langsam shows him marrying in 1873. His NYC death record lists him as living in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY as a retired tailor. He was in the USA since 1886 and is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery (with a synagogue society - Independent Congregation Ohel Itzchok Anshe Zurawner, associated with Zhuravno, in Ukraine, formerly Galicia, Path 10 Left, Gate Road) in Flushing, NY.Imigration records show him leaving thru Hamburg on his way to New York via Liverpool. He arrived in New York with 3 other Langsam family members (Sarah age 21, Rosa -age 3 months and Marcus, age 19) on 27 May 1885. They must have gone back, becuase Mendel and Sure (Sarah) show up again leaving Hamburg on 10 Sep 1886.

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

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