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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 21:23:56 -0400
From: "" 
Subject: Edward Langsam

Thanks for spending time talking with me tonight. As promised, I looked 
up Edward Langsam on the Social Security Death Index. There is one 
listing and the year of birth matches. 

Born  6 Nov 1906
Died  Jul 1986
Residence 10011 (New York City, New York, NY)
Last Benefit (No Location Given)
SSN Issuing 066-14-0676
State Issued New York Before 1951 

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 01:46:54 EDT 
Subject: Re-Langsam family 
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Dear Moishe-
 It was nice talking to you Monday. I am afraid I have little more to offer 
you about my husband's family. He confirms that his grandfather Mendel died 
in 1932 about 2 months after Herb's Bar Mitzvah.  Mendel attended the Bar 
Mitzvah which probably was in May. He lived in Brownsville which I understand 
is part of Brooklyn. My husband's grandfather is not the Mendel Langsam on 
your website since  our Mendel had 5 children (4 sons and a daughter as noted 
in the Langsam-Spira book). The data in the book is essentially correct as 
far as I know...tho' some family members are omitted i.e. the children of 
Mendel's daughter Bessie Finger. She had a daughter Ethel who was married to 
Izzy Rand and a son Izzy Finger who was married to Estelle. The last I knew 
of them they both lived in New York. The Fingers had a son who would be in 
his 70s now. I don't know about other children.

Noted in the Langsam-Spira book was the fact that they were unable to make 
any connection to our family.  Incidentally my in-laws moved to Far Rockaway 
in 1925. My husband tells me that he was unaware that there were any other 
Langsams there at the time though he knew  a family of Langsams(unrelated) 
moved to the area sometime later.

If you do find a connection it would be nice to know....good luck..
Roddy langsam 
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:35:29 -0400
From: "" 
Subject: Mendel's Father

I found Mendel's death record in NY. The reason I did not find it yesterday 
was that the index has him listed as Mindel. Anyhow, the big news is that on 
the death record it lists his father as Pesach Langsam. His mother's name is 
a question mark. He was buried in Mt Zion cemetery, here in Queens. I called 
them to make sure I have the right Mendel for Dec 24, 1932, and they told me 
that Henry Langsam of CT paid for perpetual care. The society for the plot is 
Independent Congregation Ohel Itzchok Anshe Zurawner, the same one where David 
and Rose are. This society has ties to ZHURAVNO, formerly in Galicia and now 
part of Ukraine (see the enclosed map).

This means we are definitely related as Pesach is a VERY uncommon Jewish name. 
He was obviously named for the original Pesach Langsam listed in my site. Mendel 
was born too late (1854) to be the original's son. 

I also found a Morris Langsam (1861 - 1912), son of Pesach and Bessie, who was 
living at Prospect Place, Brooklyn, when he passed away. He had quite a few 
children. Could this have been a brother of Mendel?

Any other family members that have email that we can include in this discussion?


PS: Ellis Island opened in 1892. Mendel came in 1886.
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 19:37:31 EDT 
Subject: Re:  Mendel's Father 
X-Mailer: AOL 3.0.1 for Mac sub 82 

Your last email did jog Herb's memory! His grandfather ,he is certain, lived 
on Prospect Place near to the corner of Howard Ave. There was a synagogue on 
Howard Ave, that his grandfather attended. It's good to know that Henry paid 
for the care of Mendel's grave. David and Rose were his parents. I believe 
that I already told you that Henry died this past May. His wife Gertrude is 
alive-but unfortunately in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Barbara tells me 
she is lucid . much of the time. Perhaps if you contacted Barbara she could 
find some iinformation for you . Her father Henry was 10 years older than my 
husband and lived in Brooklyn so would have been much more aware of family 
than my husband was(My father-in-law was Mendel's youngest child and Herb was 
his youngest grandchild.)
I don't have an email address for Barbara Blasveren-the tel#203-795-6806
Again good luck
Roddy Langsam

Re-Morris Langsam-as I mentioned before Herb doesn't recall any other 
Herb also corrected me-his family moved to Far Rockaway in 1923 not 1925 

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

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