The Shmuel Langsam Family

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Some background email from the family can be found here.

Itzhak David (Isaac or David) Langsam (Jul 4, 1857 - Jul 10, 1952), son of Shmuel Langsam, was married to Malka Shnell (1859 - 1943) from Bircza, Poland. They had seven known children. On Sep 22, 1922 he arrived in NY aboard the Lafayette, sailing from Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France. At the time he had a son living in Dobromil-Bircza, Poland. He was going to another son in the Bronx, probably Aaron. His wife and two of their grandchildren accompanied him on the voyage. On the ship manifest it lists his naturalization as occurring on 12/18/36, #2-497737. David and Malka lived in the Bronx (NY) and were storekeepers until he was 90 years old. He had about five more brothers, one of whom was named Moshe.